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Quick Links. Table of Contents. Servicing Instructions. Please leave these instructions with the user. Gas fired wall mounted condensing combination boiler 12 pages. Wall mounted powered flue condensing boiler gas fired central heating unit 48 pages. Wall mounted powered flue condensing gas fired central heating boiler 52 pages.

Page 2 Type test for purpose of Regulation 5 certified by: Notified Body We hope you get a satisfactory service from Baxi. Notified Body Page 4: Installation Description 1. The Baxi Combi 80e or e is a fully automatic gas fired wall mounted combination boiler. It is room sealed and fan assisted, and will serve central heating and mains fed domestic hot water. Page 5: General Layout 2.

Page 6: Appliance Operation 3. Central Heating Mode Fig. With a demand for heating, the pump circulates water through the primary circuit.

At a pre- determined flow rate the central heating flow switch operates, initiating the ignition sequence. Page 7: Technical Data 4.

Page 8: Technical Data - Combi E 4. Page 9: Dimensions And Fixings 5. Page System Details 6. To comply with the Water Byelaws your attention is drawn to the following installation requirements and notes IRN.

Page 11 6. Double Stop 2. There are connection points on the mains cold Check Stop Valve Page 12 6. All DHW circuits, connections, fittings, etc. Boiler Expansion should be fully in accordance with relevant Vessel standards, the Water Supply water fittings Regulations and the Water Bylaws Scotland.

Page 14 7. Where the appliance is installed in a cupboard or compartment, no air vents are required. BS Part 2 Clause 4. The appliance will run sufficiently cool without ventilation. Page 15 7. The flue terminal position must be in accordance with the current editions of B. Page 16 7. Page 17 7.

The Baxi Combi 80e and e can be fitted with flue systems as illustrated. The standard flue is suitable only for horizontal applications. Page 19 Wall Plate 8. Remove the sealing caps from the boiler connections. Lift the boiler using the lower edges. Engage the slots at the top rear of the boiler on the wall plate Fig. Page 20 8. The standard flue is suitable for lengths mm minimum to 1m maximum measured from the edge of the flue elbow outlet.

Page 21 see Section 7. Only a flue approved with the Baxi Combi 80e and e can be used. Clip 2. For information on vertical flues consult the Baxi Combi Installer Guide or Notes for Guidance supplied with the vertical flue pack.

Page 22 8. Slacken the facia securing screws and lift the outercase panel so that its locating tabs are clear of the facia. Remove the panel. Control Box Cover 2. Reference should be made to BS Section 5 when commissioning the boiler. Open the mains water supply to the boiler. Automatic 3. Turn on the gas and electrical supplies to the boiler and ensure that all external controls are Gas Valve calling for heat.

Set the temperature controls to maximum and the selector switch to the Off position Fig. Page Completion Hinge the facia panel upwards and refit the case front panel. Secure them with the screws previously removed Fig. Instruct the user in the operation of the boiler and system, explaining the operational sequence.

Page Servicing The Boiler For reasons of safety and economy, it is recommended that the boiler is serviced annually. Servicing must be performed by a competent person. Page 27 Baffle Remove the spring clips retaining the air box side baffle plates. Disengage the tabs on the baffles from the slots in the fan hood Fig.

Undo the screws securing the fan and hood to the appliance back panel. Page Changing Components When the new component has been fitted turn the selector switch fully anticlockwise against the spring pressure to Sensing position R and hold for 2 seconds to reset the Tubes Page 29 Note the positions of the two sensing tubes on 80e model the outlet elbow and three wires on the fan motor and remove them.

Slacken the screws on the outlet sealing collar. Ease the collar upwards as far as possible. Remove the burner as described in Section Undo the screws securing the injector Gasket manifold to the inlet elbow and remove the manifold. Unscrew and replace injectors as required Injector and examine the sealing gasket, replacing as necessary.

Page 31 Undo the nut on the gas feed pipe under the boiler. Remove the securing screws and hinge the facia panel down. Gas Valve 3. Disconnect the earth wire and pressure sensing pipe from the valve. Page 32 Drain the primary circuit and remove the socket head screws securing the pump head to the body and draw the head away.

Undo the screw on the pump wiring cover and remove the cover. Page 33 Drain the primary circuit and undo the nut on the pressure gauge capillary. Remove the timer cover and ease the timer wiring aside. Undo the screws securing the gauge retaining bracket. Page 34 Drain the primary circuit. Disconnect the discharge pipe from the valve. Using a suitable hexagon key undo the grub screw sufficiently to release the valve. Note the orientation of the valve, rotate it and withdraw it from the manifold.

Page 35 While supporting the heat exchanger undo the screws securing it to the brass manifolds. Withdraw the heat exchanger upwards and to the left of the gas valve, taking care not to damage any wires or controls. Page 36


Baxi Combi 105e Installation And Servicing Instructions



Baxi Combi 105E Manuals



Baxi Combi 80e 105e Installation and Servicing Instructions Manual


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