Without the required codec s , it cannot load or save the respective format. To fix exceptions with these codes, copy the necessary codecs to the application folder, so the codec assemblies can be loaded when necessary. One method to automatically copy the required codec assemblies is to add them to the project as references with the Copy Local property set to true. By setting the Copy Local property to true , Visual Studio will copy the referenced assembly to the output folder when the application is built. Getting Started. Medical Web Viewer.

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Getting Started. Medical Web Viewer. Direct Show. Media Foundation. Media Streaming. Imaging, Medical, and Document. Your email has been sent to support! Someone should be in touch! If your matter is urgent please come back into chat. See Also. Download our FREE evaluation. Leadtools Namespace. DrawEngine Class. AddUserFont byte[],int,int Method. AddUserFont Stream Method. AddUserFont string Method. ClearUserFonts Method. GetOptions Method. SetOptions Method. GeometryTools Class.

GetBoundingRect Method. GetCornerPoints Method. TransformRect Method. HttpClientLeadStream Class. HttpClientLeadStream Constructor. Dispose Method. Open Method. ContentType Property. HasContentType Property. HttpClient Property. Uri Property. AddRange Method. ClearItems Method. InsertItem Method. InsertItemRange Method. InsertRange Method. Move Method. MoveItem Method. OnCollectionChanged Method. RemoveItem Method. RemoveItemRange Method. RemoveRange Method. SetItem Method. ToArray Method.

CollectionChanged Event. LeadFileStream Class. LeadFileStream Constructor. Access Property. FileName Property. Mode Property. Share Property. LeadLengthDConverter Class. LeadLengthDConverter Constructor. CanConvertFrom Method. CanConvertTo Method. ConvertFrom Method. ConvertTo Method. LeadMatrixConverter Class. LeadMatrixConverter Constructor. LeadPointConverter Class. LeadPointConverter Constructor.

LeadPointDConverter Class. LeadPointDConverter Constructor. LeadRectConverter Class. LeadRectConverter Constructor. LeadRectDConverter Class. LeadRectDConverter Constructor.

LeadSizeConverter Class. LeadSizeConverter Constructor. LeadSizeDConverter Class. LeadSizeDConverter Constructor. Factory Class. CreateFile Method.

FromStream Method. FromUri Method. OpenFile Method. LeadStream Class. LeadStream Constructor. LeadStream Constructor Stream,bool. Dispose Method LeadStream. Dispose bool Method. Finalize Method. DisposeStream Property. IsOpen Property. Stream Property. LeadtoolsException Class. LeadtoolsException Constructor. LeadtoolsException Constructor string.

LeadtoolsException Constructor string,Exception. Create Method. CreateAdd Method. CreateMove Method. CreateRemove Method.

CreateReplace Method. CreateReset Method. Action Property. NewItems Property. NewStartingIndex Property. OldItems Property.


Please Tell Me The Easiest Way To Repair Leadtools Error Invalid File Format

Getting Started. Medical Web Viewer. Direct Show. Media Foundation. Media Streaming. Imaging, Medical, and Document. Your email has been sent to support!


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File Attachment s : bkgnd. Try to login or register. Additional Info: Qt Version 4. If this is the case this is definitely a bug. The cause would be that the application fails to load your database and then tries to parse the file as project file which then leads to your error message.


Invalid File Format and Feature not Supported Raster Exception Codes

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. Net Core backed Document Service Library which was available in their examples project in the installation directory. This works fine with PDF files or other file formats mentioned in their site. But I'm getting LeadTools. RasterException error with a message as invalid file format for.


How to Read Barcodes from Images using LEADTOOLS

From retail stores to mobile devices, hundreds of varieties of barcodes are in use day to day. Net, Silverlight and Windows Phone. Its high level programming interfaces can read and write barcodes in just a few lines of code. In this article, we will create a simple application that loads an image and reads its barcodes.

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