MCI D. From: Director. Marine Corps Institute Student. Ser 1 Jul

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MCI D. From: Director. Marine Corps Institute Student. Ser 1 Jul MCI course D addresses the development of basic counseling techniques and. Marine Corps leadership principles. This course is intended for instructional purposes only. It is designed for use. Comments and recommendations on the contents of the course are. Please complete the course evaluation questionnaire at the end of the final examination. Return the questionnaire and the examination booklet to your proctor.

This page intentionally left blank. Table of Contents. Student Information. Study Guide. Study Unit 1. Fundamentals of Counseling. Lesson 1. Essential Elements of Counseling. Lesson 2. Frame for Counseling. Study Unit 2. The Counseling Process. Types of Counseling.

Conducting the Counseling Session. Study Unit 3. Counseling Techniques and Methods. Lesson 3. Addressing Unique Counseling Problems. Review Lesson Examination. MCI Course D. Number and. Study Hours.

Review Agency. Credits RRC. Due to the nature of this course, it has no equivalency credits at the college level. Marines worldwide may call commercial or DSN Since , the Marine Corps Institute has been helping tens of thousands of hard-charging Marines, like you, improve their technical job performance skills through distance learning.

By enrolling in this course, you have shown a desire to improve the skills you have and master new skills to enhance your job performance. The distance learning course you have chosen, MCI D, Counseling for Marines , provides instruction to all Marines on counseling techniques and methods. Your Personal. You have made a positive decision to get training on your own. Self-motivation is perhaps the most important force in learning or achieving anything. Doing whatever is necessary to learn is motivation.

You have it! You are enrolled to improve those skills you already possess, and to learn new skills. When you improve yourself, you improve the Corps! By acting on your own, you have shown you are a self-starter, willing to reach out for opportunities to learn and grow. You have self-confidence and believe in your ability to acquire knowledge and skills. You have the self- confidence to set goals and the ability to achieve them, enabling you to meet every challenge.

You are willing to commit time, effort, and the resources necessary to set and accomplish your goals. These professional traits will help you successfully complete this distance learning course.

Continued on next page. Study Guide, Continued. Beginning Your. Before you actually begin this course of study, read the student information page. If you find any course materials missing, notify your training officer or training NCO. If you have all the required materials, you are ready to begin. To begin your course of study, familiarize yourself with the structure of the course text.

One way to do this is to read the table of contents. Notice the table of contents covers specific areas of study and the order in which they are presented.

You will find the text divided into several study units. Each study unit is comprised of two or more lessons, lesson exercises. Through the. Leaf through the text and look at the course. Read a few lesson exercise questions to get an idea of the type of material in the course.

If the course has additional study aids, such as a handbook or plotting board, familiarize yourself with them. The First Study Unit. Turn to the first page of study unit 1. On this page, you will find an introduction to the study unit and generally the first study unit lesson. Study unit lessons contain learning objectives, lesson text, and exercises. Reading the. Learning objectives describe in concise terms what the successful learner, you, will be able to do as a result of mastering the content of the lesson text.

Read the objectives for each lesson and then read the lesson text. As you read the lesson text, make notes on the points you feel are important. Completing the. To determine your mastery of the learning objectives and text, complete the exercises developed for you.

Exercises are located at the end of each lesson, and at the end of each study unit. Without referring to the text, complete the exercise questions and then check your responses against those provided. Continuing to. Continue on to the next lesson, repeating the above process until you have completed all lessons in the study unit. Follow the same procedures for each study unit in the course. Preparing for. To prepare for your final exam, you must review what you learned in the course. The following suggestions will help make the review interesting and challenging.

Try to recall the entire learning sequence without referring to the text. Can you do it? Now look back at the text to see if you have left anything out. This review should be interesting. But with. Use your spare moments to review. Read your notes or a part of a study unit, rework exercise items, review again; you can do many of these things during the unused minutes of every day.

For example make up and solve your own problems. Or, better still, make up and solve problems that use most of the elements of a study unit. Ask another Marine to lend a hand by asking you questions about the course. Reviews are good habits that enhance learning. In fact, some learners find short reviews conducted more often prove more beneficial. Tackling the. Final Exam.


0112D Counseling for Marines

MCI course D, Counseling for Marines, has been published to provide instruction to all Marines assigned billets and. This program allows Marines to develop and improve their basic reading and math skills. This course teaches the following;. By , 11 grades of NCO existed in the Army, seven with distinctive chevrons.


Marine Corps MCI

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The Marine Corps Directives System Study Guide


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