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Quick Links. Download this manual See also: Manual. Please read this manual carefully before operating. Table of Contents. Advanced single scan troubleshooting 50" class hd p plasma tv 50" diagonally pages. It may break, causing possible injury from fragments of glass, or the TV may fall.

The voltage is indicated on the Specifications page. If not tightened fully, the product can tilt forward after the product installation. If you tighten the bolt with excessive force, the bolt can deviate from abrasion of the tightening part of the bolt. Position the TV close to the wall to avoid the possibility of it falling when pushed. The instructions shown below are a safer way to set up the TV, by fixing it to the wall, avoiding the possibil- ity of it falling forwards if pulled.

We recommend that you purchase a wall mounting bracket which supports VESA standard. LG recommends that wall mounting be performed by a qualified professional installer. Check and un-check programmes in the USB menu. Turn on the external equipment. Refer to the external equipment's manual for operating instructions. If you want to enjoy digital broadcasting through 5. The fixed image may become permanently imprinted on the screen; use a screen saver when possible. There may be interference relating to resolution, vertical pattern, contrast or brightness in PC mode.

After adjustment, if the image is still not correct, your TV is functioning properly but needs further adjustment. A A u u t t o o c c o o n n f f i i g g u u r r e e This function is for automatic adjustment of the screen position, size, and phase The displayed image will be unstable for a few seconds while the auto configuration is in progress.

Page 31 Adjustment for screen Position, Size, Phase If the picture is not clear after auto adjustment and especially if characters are still trembling, adjust the pic- ture phase manually. Firstly, connect the power cord correctly. At this stage, the TV switches to standby mode. Menu Quick Menu is a menu of features which users might use frequently. When you start auto programming, all previously stored service information will be deleted.

The maximum number of programmes that can be stored is But the number may differ slightly depending on broadcasting signals. Use this to automatically find and store all available programmes. If you wish to select the skipped programme, directly enter the programme number with the NUMBER buttons or select it in the Programme edit menu. BLUE Turn the programme number to blue.

You can also move some channels and use other programme numbers. Deleting a programme Select a programme number to be deleted. Software update is available.

Would you like to download now? If you remove the CI Module, you can- not watch pay services. When the module is inserted into the CI slot, you can access the module menu. To purchase a module and smart card, contact your dealer. Mini Glossary Displayed when the Locked Programme. During the Simple Manual operation, audio will be muted. This allows you to control and play other AV devices connected to the display through HDMI cable without addi- tional cables and settings. C C i i n n e e m m a a Optimizes video and audio for watching movies.

D D a a y y and But the settings of It is useful to initialize the product or when you move to other city or country. When the Factory Reset is completed, you must restart the Initializing setup.

For details on how to set the PIN of the external Bluetooth device, refer to the user manual of the applicable device. You must pair it with any new Bluetooth device before the first use. For details, refer to the user manual of the applicable device. A maximum of 1 2 devices can be paired. You can edit the My Device Name. You can check the My Device Address.

Select the desired photos. Page 69 How to view photo Detailed operations are available on full-sized photo view screen. MENU S S l l i i d d e e s s h h o o w w : When no picture is selected, all photos in the current folder are displayed during slide show. If some photos are selected, those photos are displayed in a slide show. MENU Q. MP3 may contain copyright restrictions. Playback of these files may not be support- ed by this model.

Music file on your USB device can be played by this unit. Screen saver is to prevent screen pixel damage due to an fixed image remaining on the screen for a extended period of time.

Make appropriate adjustments. Refer to p. The movie list is activated once USB is detected. It is used when playing movie files on TV. Displays the movies in the USB folder and supports Play.

Select the desired movie title Show the PopUp menu. Page 81 Using the Movie List function, play Q. Using the registration number, movies can be rented or purchased at www. Only DivX files matched with the registration code of the purchased TV are playable. Photo List Music List DivX VOD allowed the consumer to activate up to 6 devices under one account, but to replace or deactivate any of those devices, the consumer had to contact DivX Support and request deletion.

The EPG supplies information such as programme listings, start and end times for all available services. In addition, detailed information about the programme is often available in the EPG the availability and amount of these programme details will vary, depending on the particular broadcaster. Enter Date setting mode. Select Programme. Use this to calibrate the screen quality by adjusting the Black and White Level etc.

General users can calibrate the screen quality by easily following each stage. When you adjust the image to Low, Recommended or High, you can see the changed result as an example.

The default factory setting is adjusted to the comfortable level to be viewed at home. S S t t a a n n d d a a r r d d The most general screen display status.

You may use Contrast when the bright part of the picture is saturated. You can set the video value differently for each input. The picture is improved by making bright parts brighter and dark parts darker. This is the pattern necessary for expert adjustment. Avoid allowing a fixed image to remain on the screen for prolonged periods. O O r r b b i i t t e e r r Orbiter may help prevent ghost images. Because each broadcasting station has its own signal conditions, volume adjustment may be needed every time the channel is changed.

This feature allows users to enjoy stable volume levels by making automatic adjustments for each program. When Audio Description On is selected, basic audio and Audio Description are provided only for those programmes that have Audio Description included. Select the sound output. Sound output can be selected according to the type of broadcast received. S elect your desired language. S elect your country. If audio data in a selected language is not broadcast, the default language audio will be played.

Use the Subtitle function when two or more subtitle languages are broadcast. If subtitle data in a selected lan- guage is not broadcast, the default language subtitle will be displayed. When you select a Time Zone city, the TV time is set by the time offset information based on Time Zone and GMT Greenwich Mean Time which is received with the broadcast signal and the time is set automatically by a digital signal.

Two hours after the TV is switched on by the on time function it will automatically switch back to standby mode unless a button has been pressed.

The sleep timer automatically switches the TV to standby after the preset time has elapsed. Therefore if the signal has incor- rect information, this function does not operate.


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