Modules for Beams, Columns, Foundations and Slabs design allow you to determine the required reinforcement area and a spacing of reinforcing bars within the cross-section of a concrete structure element. The RC Member Design module allows you to obtain a theoretical required area of reinforcement for selected concrete members. To access this option, do either of the following. When creating a structure model, you define geometrical parameters of concrete beams and columns buckling parameters, allowable values of deflection and displacements at member ends. The code parameters of concrete structure elements steel and concrete parameters and types of reinforcing bars , are defined in a Calculation Parameters dialog.

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Rectbeam Uniaxial (Aci 318-99) vs. Pcacol (Aci 318-95)

ACI was founded in January during a convention in Indianapolis. A lack of standards for making concrete blocks resulted in a negative perception of concrete for construction. An editorial by Charles C. Brown in the September issue of Municipal Engineering discussed the idea of forming an organization to bring order and standard practices to the industry. Richard Humphrey was elected its first President. The first committees were appointed at the convention in Indianapolis and offered preliminary reports on a number of subject areas. The association's first official headquarters was established in at Richard Humphrey's office in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


ACI 318 95



American Concrete Institute


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