Born in Venice , Marcello was the son of a senator. As such, he enjoyed a comfortable life that gave him the scope to pursue his interest in music. He was a contemporary of Tomaso Albinoni. He held concerts in his hometown and also composed and published several sets of concertos , including six concertos under the title of La Cetra The Lyre , as well as cantatas , arias , canzonets , and violin sonatas.

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Bach's keyboard version was published as an arrangement of a concerto by Antonio Vivaldi in the 19th century. In the 20th and 21st centuries the concerto developed into a well-established repertoire piece, as well as an oboe concerto as performed on keyboard. In his Weimar period —17 Johann Sebastian Bach arranged several concertos by Venetian composers, most of them by Antonio Vivaldi , for solo keyboard, known as his Weimar concerto transcriptions.

Vivaldi's Op. The Prince, who also composed Italianate concertos, presumably encouraged Bach to produce solo keyboard arrangements of such works. As the Prince left Weimar in July it is estimated that most of Bach's solo keyboard arrangements of Italian and Italianate concertos originated in the period from July to July That is, at least those arrangements that could be performed on a harpsichord without pedalboard , while the Weimar court organ which would be needed for arrangements including pedals such as BWV — would have been unavailable for undergoing repairs in this period.

Bach's autograph of the solo keyboard arrangement is lost, but the arrangement was copied around by Bach's second cousin Johann Bernhard , as the third item in a manuscript containing 12 of Johann Sebastian's keyboard transcriptions of Italian and Italianate concertos. In Johann Bernhard's son Johann Ernst wrote a title page for this collection, suggesting that the collection contained Vivaldi arrangements for organ exclusively. He may have intended this title page for the first concerto in the collection only which was indeed an arrangement of a Vivaldi concerto , but an unknown hand later added the number "XII" before the title, thus causing the misunderstanding that all 12 were Vivaldi arrangements.

Bach as the arranger. That copy, specifying harpsichord as the intended instrument for the arrangement, originated after Johann Bernhard's, but may have been copied from an earlier stage of Bach's arrangement.

The ornamentation as indicated in Bach's keyboard version of the concerto works well on harpsichord, but is less suitable for performance on an early 18th-century oboe. Nonetheless Bach's ornamentation has been used for 20th-century publications of the oboe concerto — the ornamentation causes fewer problems when performed on a modern oboe.

This manuscript writes the composer's name as "Marcello" without specifying a first name: as Alessandro's brother Benedetto was far better known as a composer by the name Marcello, later generations would interpret the title of the manuscript as referring to the better known of the "Marcello" composers. The concerto survives in different printed and manuscript versions, one of these in C minor.

The concerto has also been recorded played on a piccolo trumpet - a notoriously challenging transcription due to the breath control and tight embouchure required for its sustained passages in the higher register. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved 18 February Categories : Compositions by Alessandro Marcello Oboe concertos compositions s in music Compositions in D minor Compositions with a spurious or doubtful attribution.

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