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For more information, call AMS is a sub-type specification of Cobalt M35N , a cobalt-based and non-magnetic alloy of the Multiphase family with a high percentage of nickel, chromium, and molybdenum. This specification shows outstanding corrosion resistance in many different solutions and environments.

These include chloride solutions, such as seawater and hydrogen sulfide. AMS is even resistant to mineral acids, such as nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, and sulphuric acid. The alloy shows excellent oxidation resistance at high temperatures and very good sulfidation resistance.

Finally, AMS is characterized by an outstanding ultra-high-strength of ksi to ksi mPa to mPa. AMS bars are produced using vacuum induction melting and consumable vacuum arc re-melting methods. Call: Request a Quote. Inches Millimeters Feet Centimeters. Alloy Thickness Inches Millimeters Centimeters Feet. Width Inches Millimeters Centimeters Feet. Diameter Inches Millimeters Centimeters Feet. Outerdiameter Inches Millimeters Centimeters Feet. Wall Inches Millimeters Centimeters Feet.

Width-1 Inches Millimeters Centimeters Feet. Width-2 Inches Millimeters Centimeters Feet. Height Inches Millimeters Centimeters Feet. Length Inches Millimeters Centimeters Feet. Calculate Request a Quote. Metal Weight Calculator - Disclaimer.

Industries Aerospace Defense Power Generation. Follow Tech Steel.

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MP35N® Alloy

A nickel, cobalt, chromium and molybdenum superalloy which can withstand high temperature and stresses. The alloy is unusual because it offers such an attractive and unique combination of characteristics which will enhance performance - the alloy benefits from excellent tensile strength, ductility and toughness. Supplied in the annealed condition, MP35N can achieve tensile strength levels over Ksi MPa while retaining flexibility. Furthermore, additional tensile strength is achievable by work hardening and ageing. Another feature of this superalloy is the materials excellent resistance to the effects of corrosion. Typically used in the cold-worked condition, MP35N is resistant to hydrogen sulphide corrosion, saltwater corrosion and also offers resistance to other chloride solutions and certain mineral acids.


Alloy MP35N® (AMS 5844/AMS 5845/ NACE MR0175)



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