The commitment to continuous improvement is the basis of our quality policy and Savox follows strict processes and guidelines to ensure quality standards are met throughout the organization. Savox has been ISO certified since and this latest ISO certificate is proof that we continue to practice quality control and aim to provider just the best products and services for our customers. As the certificate requires, regular internal and external audits ensure the standards are met and quality is constantly monitored and improved. The aim of the agreement is to define the quality assurances and standards for the defense sector and the defense products. Quality certifications are a way for us to show our dedication for high quality and minimize the risk our customers are taking when they choose Savox as a partner. Topics: Savox , ISO certificate , quality.

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AQAP Certification is recognized by the prime contractors in the defence sector and members of NATO as the guarantee that your quality management system complies with the requirements of AQAP standards, the specific requirements in your industry and those specified in contracts with your customers.

Pre-diagnosis to understand the principles of the audit and maximize your chances of obtaining certification. Your auditor interviews your teams and analyzes your practices and data with regard to the requirements of the standard. It allows you to improve your performance and Based on ISO and recognized by the automotive sector around the world, Are you a supplier for the rail industry? Would you like further information about our services? Do you have a question?

Please complete the form below. We will reply as soon as possible. E-mail address Please fill in this field. Password Please fill in this field. Certifications Certifications. To be prepared for certification. Other services. Request a quote. Advantages of the certification Within your company : Gain access to new markets around the world Promote the recognized quality of your processes Ensure lasting success for your business.

How to obtain the certification? Presentation summarizing the audit findings and delivery of the audit report. A follow-up audit is carried out each year, and a renewal audit every three years. The expertise and renown of the French leader, with more than 70, sites certified in France and internationally, and almost 30 years of experience in organization certification.

A strong network of auditors and assessors supporting your success. The proximity of our regional antennas and our presence in more than countries, facilitating the deployment of your initiatives around the world. Certification solutions that are complementary, completely modular and adapted to your specific constraints. You may also be interested in these services.

ISO Certification - Quality management system. IATF Certification. Contact us More information about our services? Request for information Would you like further information about our services? Question about a certification Question about a formation Login issues Other. Annuler valider.

ISO IEC 13335 3 PDF

AQAP 2110 – Management orientation session

Products designed for Slovak military and NATO are intended for provision of national defense and by their nature are highly specific. AQAP international standards based on ISO requirements and are included by specific requirements that are necessary for the military department. For AQAP is appropriate if the organization has already implemented a quality system in accordance with the requirements of ISO standard. The contribution of established and certified quality system according to AQAP is an opportunity to actively compete for the contract for the Army of the Slovak Republic and other NATO member states. Specific requirements of AQAP compared to : Focus on ensuring compliance with the contractual requirements of a particular contract, especially the ability of quality planning for a particular contract, Demonstrate the ability of risk management, Demonstrate effective communication with customers, including the designated representative for Quality Assurance, Manage configuration management planning and documentation procedures at least in the range: Identification of the configurations Configuration management, Configuration Status Accounting, Verifying the configuration. Management reliability and maintainability of the product, Mastering quality throughout the product lifecycle.




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