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Account Options Sign in. Top charts. New releases. Add to Wishlist. Allah SWT has said in the Noble Qur'an: "I have not created the jinn and humankind for any other purpose except that they should worship Me.

There are many acts of worship Ibadah, Ibadat in Islam, and Salah is one of the most important obligatory acts. The term is commonly used to refer to the five daily prayers, which are compulsory upon all mature Muslims. Salah Salat, Namaz is considered the most important act of worship Ibadah, Ibadat in Islam and its importance is such that under very few circumstances it can be omitted.

Salah Salat, Namaz strengthens the foundations of our faith. It prepares a person to live the life of goodness and obedience to Allah SWT , and it builds courage and determination. Every time we perform Salah, we renew our commitments to Allah SWT and we rid ourselves from worldly pressures five times a day. Its importance has been emphasized about times in the Noble Qur'an.

Once Holy Prophet Mohammad pbuh shook a dry branch of a tree so that all of the leaves of the branch fell off than the Holy Prophet Mohammad pbuh said "The sins of those who pray Salah, drop off as the leaves of this branch fell off. Wudu Ablution is a unique way of cleansing certain parts of our body so we are clean before bowing down to the one who created us, who created the universe the one and only Allah SWT. Jajakallah Khayir. Reviews Review Policy.

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