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See our Privacy Policy and User Agreement for details. Published on Jul 20, Bhaishjya kalpana deals with the Basic Ayurvedic pharmaceutics. SlideShare Explore Search You. Submit Search. Successfully reported this slideshow. We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads. You can change your ad preferences anytime. Bhaishjya kalpana. Upcoming SlideShare. Like this presentation?

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Show More. Drone Surgicare. Subha Sasidhar. No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Bhaishjya kalpana 1. Hence 'Kalpana' is the process or modification through which a substance is transformed into medicinal form. Any animal or plant or mineral product to be used as medicine can not be taken as it is in its raw form.

It has to be converted into that form, by which it would be therapeutically fit for use. What is the purpose of various Kalpanas? Pancha vidha Kashaya Kalpana- Development 7. Pancha vidha Kashaya Kalpana- Development 8. Some Acharyas had described more than five basic forms as: Shadvidh kashaya kalpana has been described by Acharya sushruta, by adding Kshira kalpana medicated milk. Saptavidh kashaya kalpana has been described by Acharya kashyap, i.

So, those preparations were considered or made which were prepared in less time and with limited source. Also, these preparations have a shelf-life of 24 hours , so these were prepared and consumed quickly. As there comes an advancement in the culture or technology, it becomes easy to store medicine and ways of preserving medicine for long duration were found.

The various sneha kalpana, asava-aristha kalpanas, which needs more time, more resources but the If fresh herbs are not available, make the powder of dry herb. Keep this mixture in earthen pot for 24 hours. Extract the juice after proper grinding and straining through a cloth or sieve. Putapakwa Method, first prepare kalka paste of the herb to be used from the clean and healthy part of the plant.

Then wrap it in a leaf and tie it with a thread. Then it should be dried and heated. The outer mud layer, leaves etc. Normally, we can take it as 30 ml. To make the preparation more palayable and to increase its potency, some dravya like honey, sugar, jiraka, etc, known as Prakshepa dravya are added. Quantity — 1 kola upto 6 Grams. Examples of swarasa Tulsi Swarasa — cough and cold Guduchi Swaras - good for heart, cough, breathlessness etc.

Ardraka Swarasa — cough and cold Swaras can be used for processing bhavana dravya i. Swarasa is also used in the preparation of secondary preparations like Asavaas, Sneha It is less potent laghu and easy to digest as compared to Swaras.

If there is dry herb, then add some water and crush and make a paste. Examples : Nimba kalka — used in vrana ropana wound healing if applied locally and used in pitta vikar, kustha etc when taken orally. Rasona kalka — used in vata roga, visama jvara etc. Dosage of kalka — 1 tola or 12 grams approx Quantity: i.

Madhu, ghrita, taila — double the quantity of kalka. Sugar, guda — in equal quantity of kalka iii. Sieved in 90 mess or with thin cotton cloth. Examples — Punarnavashtak kwath— indicated in sotha, sula, swasa roga etc. Maharasnadi kwath— indicated in vata vyadhi. Drava — 1 karsha 1 tola i. Varieties :- 1. Krit mamsa ras — salt, pepper, cumin, ginger, asoefitide etc. Akrit mamsa ras — Above juice without spices. Indications :- Preenan nourishing Pranajanak promoter of life force Swasa asthama , kasa cough , kshaya T.

B Hridya cardiotonic , Bone union promoter fracture Shukral spermetogenic Bala vardhana health promotor Indication:- Thirst, diarrhea, anorexia, cardio tonic, digestant This can be used in children, aged, pregnant ladies safe for evryone Fourth kalpana among panca vidh kashaya kalpana. Usually made from drugs with aromatic contents.

Cold water is used for dissolving contents of drugs. Examples- Dhanyaka hima — indicated in trsna and daha Sarivadi hima — indicated in rakta vikar, pitta vikara. It is extremely light for digestion. Hot water is used Examples — Sudarshan phanta — indicated in jvara Panchkola phanta — indicated in indicated in kapha jvara, pratishaya. Exudates in small pieces are taken in a piece of cloth and boiled in gomutra or Dugdha or Triphala decoction until it becomes soft mass and then taken out of the the cloth and dried.

After drying, the mass is formed into a paste by adding ghee till it becomes waxy. They are available in pill form or in powder form.

Metals, minerals such as Swarna gold , Rajata silver , Tamra Copper are used in bhasm form in these preparations. These are converted into Bhasma form with the help of other drugs which are added in small quantities, mixed well and grounded in the vessel to form fine powder. ASAV-ARISHTA Specialized Preparation of Ayurveda Asavas and Aristhas are made by soaking the herbs either in powder form or in the form of decoction in a solution of sugar or jaggery, as the case may be, for a specific period of time, during which it undergoes a process of fermentation and facilitates the extraction of the active ingredients contained in the herbs.

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M. D. in Rasashastra & Bhaishajya Kalpana

Ayurveda Pharmaceutical Sciences concerned with 2nd professional of under graduate course. Branch deals with identification , collection ,selection of minerals and Herbs and the preperation if veriopus dosage forms like tablets. Avleha Asava, Arishta, powders. Sonali Rajkumar Mali. Guide Name-Dr. Taklikar Jyotsna M.


Bhaishajya Kalpanaa - The Ayurvedic Pharmaceutics - An Overview

In Ayurvedic therapeutics, drug therapy is given prime importance. Considering its importance, different aspects of this discipline have been presented in this review to familiarize the readers, especially those who have just started studying Ayurveda, with concept of ayurvedic pharmaceutics. Different aspects of their preparation and use have been discussed. Further from the above basic forms, a number of other formulations are derived; a brief description of each of them has been given along with brief outlines of drug formulations meant for specific routes. The third part of the review is devoted to discussion of influence of different factors on the expression of pharmacological activity. The second treatment method includes use of drug therapy or non-drug therapeutic measures such as regulation of life style, diet management, fasting etc. This tool needs to be handled judiciously, if not done so it is likely to prove injurious or sometimes fatal to the life of the patient who is receiving it.

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