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Toggle navigation. June in NetLinx Studio. My question is, how do I find the server port number on the Biamp for the AMX controller to connect to? June It's 23 - standard telnet! If you download the Audia DSP program from Biamp's website, the help file explains everything for you, including commands and other things. PhreaK Senior Member Posts: For my future reference, if it isn't the standard port, would it usually listed in the device's manual?

Thanks for the help, everyone. I got a successful connection to the Biamp, now just have to figure out the strings to control the unit. Biamp Duet Module? Why would anyone want to re-invent controlling the biamp.

The Biamp Duet Module does a good job at it, and it is really easy to use. I would agree, but it might also be a good learning experience the first time. July Those are in the help file for the Audia software as well. The SETD part will tell the unit to give you a verbose response, basically echoing the command back to you.

There are is one thing that will make your life easier as you program these units more. If you have access to the DSP file, which you should since you need at least the instance ID's for the blocks you want to control, it would be a good idea to use the instance ID tag field.

This field is found on the property sheet under the DSP attributes tab. In this field, you can essentially name the block you want to control. For instance, if you have a volume block that is going to be controlling the microphone volume, you would put something like MicVolume in the Instance ID tag field in the DSP file.

This will make the command easier to read, as well as help to prevent possible issues if someone selects the 'reassign instance ID numbers' command in the Audia software. This will also allow you to make your code a little more portable, as you can then use the same instance Id Tag everywhere and not worry about the actual instance Id number. If you are using the Duet module, I believe you can still use the Instance ID tags, but I haven't tried that out yet, as it's been awhile since I've used the module.

I started putting together the strings for controlling the Biamp. I tried adding the DPS and enabling strings to and from the address, but I don't see anything in the notifications window. Unfortunately, No. I've never heard a reason for this, but I've always assumed it had something to do with the IP device being on Device 0 the master and you can't receive notifications for messages being passed between masters.

Your best bet is to either forward those strings to a virtual device and monitor those messages, or set up some debugging functions and forwarded it to the console when you need. This message is at least 10 characters.

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