Scanned and edited using this;. May not be resold under any circumstances. Please visit our web pages:. The present printing is identical with the first, being a photographic reproduction of the original edition published in New York in These editions were from reset type, with consequent unavoidable errors, and suffer from attempts at correction or Improvement, and the addition of extraneous matter; but they are all now out of Print. All public knowledge of, or even belief in, the actual existence of perfected Men, the Mahatmas, or Great Souls, had for long centuries been lost to humanity, both in the Orient and in the Occident.

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Scanned and edited using this;. May not be resold under any circumstances. Please visit our web pages:. The present printing is identical with the first, being a photographic reproduction of the original edition published in New York in These editions were from reset type, with consequent unavoidable errors, and suffer from attempts at correction or Improvement, and the addition of extraneous matter; but they are all now out of Print.

All public knowledge of, or even belief in, the actual existence of perfected Men, the Mahatmas, or Great Souls, had for long centuries been lost to humanity, both in the Orient and in the Occident. The Wisdom-Religion, as the accumulated knowledge gained through a of spiritual and intellectual evolution, was not even dreamed of by mystics of the West, while in the East the belief everywhere prevailed that the Rishis of old had departed from this earth at the commencement of its Kaliyuga or Dark Age and would not return till milenniums hence when a new Golden Age would be inaugurated.

Among the great world religions,. None of them contained anything but the skeletal remains of a once-living Spiritual gnosis; in none did anything remain but the broken tablets of the Law; the letter of the Law could still be painfully spelled, but its spirit was lost. Modern materialistic science in the West, with its repercussive influence in all lands, was steadily conquering the domain of human thought as well as of physical nature: mankind at large was fast losing all faith in immortality, all interest in other than material existence and material well-being.

Alone, the strange and widespread phenomena miscalled Spiritualism had attracted a vast attention and almost endless investigation amongst all classes of men. Here, then, was the only available soil in which to sow the first seeds of a philosophy which includes the whole of Nature.

But of all men, Spiritualists had least interest in philosophy. They were drunk with phenomena, the more inviting because easily accessible and because no philosophical, ethical, moral, scientific or religious preparation was necessary in order to become a medium or to obtain supposed messages from the dead, as well as other phenomena inexplicable from any accepted scientific. As though all this were not enough, H. Blavatsky was a stranger in a strange land, with a merely colloquial acquaintance with the English language, no literary experience, no knowledge of the formalities and conventions of acceptable composition.

Of her two closest associates, Colonel H. Olcott was a Spiritualist, who had even less acquaintance with philosophy than she had with English; William Q. Judge, destined to be her greatest co-worker in future years, was but twenty-four years of age. The parent theosophical society had just been formed with a limited membership consisting almost entirely of ardent Spiritualists.

The task set herself by H. Blavatsky was of the same nature, and as formidable, as any ever undertaken by any actual or legendary philanthropist or savior. Its writing went on in the midst of multifarious other activities and interruptions, yet was completed and published in the early autumn of Without it, the Theosophical Movement as well as the Theosophical Society would have been still-born. Without it, her Mission and her Theosophy cannot be understood.

Without it, her Secret Doctrine can no more he grasped than can algebra without a knowledge of arithmetic. Her writings are not discrete works, any one of which can be studied apart from the rest, but one. To the extent that they are neglected, that the attention of students and inquirers is diverted to interpretations, substitutions, and the many misguided and ambitious later attempts to embellish and improve upon the recorded Theosophy of H.

Blavatsky to that extent will the philanthropy of her Masters and herself have been abused and betrayed by its recipients. What has been missed by its captious critics is the simple fact that all these errors are so transparent that an ordinarily intelligent child would observe them for what they are, if intent upon getting at the. Blavatsky herself was a Spiritualist medium, as unversed in what she was conveying as were those for whom she wrote; that she herself at that period did not believe in reincarnation, and that the Master who instructed her was himself ignorant on that subject!

There is no doubt that her writing suffered at the hands of editors and proof-readers, and on this, one of the Masters wrote in January, , to Mr. Sinnett, as follows:. For the convenience of students, we list in chronological order the subsequent references made by H.

A foot-note to some correspondence, first published in Lucifer for February, , at pages ;. This was the last signed article from the pen of H. From these articles it will he seen that H. Blavatsky gave the widest possible publicity, both to the actual facts covering the mis-. That those may be served for whom the foregoing citations may not he readily accessible, the footnote to Lucifer for February, , is herewith given:.

The paragraph quoted meant to upset the theory of the French Reincarnationists who maintain that the same personality is reincarnated, often a few days after death, so that a grandfather can be reborn as his own grand-daughter. The same and a worse mistake occurs on pages and Vol. Buddha had never taught the doctrine of reincarnation!! If asked why the error was permitted to remain and run through ten editions, it is answered that a the attention of the author was drawn to it only in ; and b that the undersigned was not in a position to alter it from stereotyped plates which belonged to the American publisher and not to her.

Blavatsky, and of her Colleague, William Q. August, Dedicates these Volumes. TO THE. THE work now submitted to public judgment is the fruit of a somewhat intimate acquaintance with Eastern adepts and study of their science. It is offered to such as are willing to accept truth wherever it may be found, and to defend it, even looking popular prejudice straight in the face.

It is an attempt to aid the student to detect the vital principles which underlie the philosophical systems of old. The book is written in all sincerity. It is meant to do even justice, and to speak the truth alike without malice or prejudice. But it shows neither mercy for enthroned error, nor reverence for usurped authority. It demands for a spoliated past, that credit for its achievements which has been too long withheld.

It calls for a restitution of borrowed robes, and the vindication of calumniated but glorious reputations. Toward no form of worship, no religious faith, no scientific hypothesis has its criticism been directed in any other spirit.

Men and parties, sects and schools are but the mere ephemera of the world's day. T RUTH , high-seated upon its rock of adamant, is alone eternal and supreme. We believe in no Magic which transcends the scope and capacity of the human mind, nor in "miracle," whether divine or diabolical, if such imply a transgression of the laws of nature instituted from all eternity. Nevertheless, we accept the saying of the gifted author of Festus, that the human heart has not yet fully uttered itself, and that we have never attained or even understood the extent of its powers.

Is it too much to believe that man should be developing new sensibilities and a closer relation with nature? The logic of evolution must teach as much, if carried to its legitimate conclusions. If, somewhere, in the line of ascent from vegetable or ascidian to the noblest man a soul was evolved, gifted with intellectual qualities, it cannot be unreasonable to infer and believe that a faculty of perception is also growing in man, enabling him to descry facts and truths even beyond our ordinary ken.

Whether we cut away the marble inward that hides the statue in the. The latest of all the eternities will find its destined other half-soul in the earliest. It was while most anxious to solve these perplexing problems that we came into contact with certain men, endowed with such mysterious powers and such profound knowledge that we may truly designate them as the sages of the Orient.

To their instructions we lent a ready ear. They showed us that by combining science with religion, the existence of God and immortality of man's spirit may be demonstrated like a problem of Euclid. For the first time we received the assurance that the Oriental philosophy has room for no other faith than an absolute and immovable faith in the omnipotence of man's own immortal self. We were taught that this omnipotence comes from the kinship of man's spirit with the Universal Soul — God! The latter, they said, can never be demonstrated but by the former.

Man- spirit proves God-spirit, as the one drop of water proves a source from which it must have come. Tell one who had never seen water, that there is an ocean of water, and he must accept it on faith or reject it altogether. But let one drop fall upon his hand, and he then has the fact from which all the rest may be inferred. After that he could by degrees understand that a boundless and fathomless ocean of water existed.

When one sees mortal man displaying tremendous capabilities, controlling the forces of nature and opening up to view the world of spirit, the reflective mind is overwhelmed with the conviction that if one man's spiritual Ego can do this much, the capabilities of the F ATHER S PIRIT must be relatively as much vaster as the whole ocean surpasses the single drop in volume and potency.

Ex nihilo nihil fit; prove the soul of man by its wondrous powers — you have proved God! In our studies, mysteries were shown to be no mysteries. Names and places that to the Western mind have only a significance derived from Eastern fable, were shown to be realities. The Filia Vocis — the daughter of the divine voice —. The one-living God had spoken through his oracle—man, and we were satisfied. Such knowledge is priceless; and it has been hidden only from those who overlooked it, derided it, or denied its existence.

From such as these we apprehend criticism, censure, and perhaps hostility, although the obstacles in our way neither spring from the. The drift of modern thought is palpably in the direction of liberalism in religion as well as science. Each day brings the reactionists nearer to the point where they must surrender the despotic authority over the public conscience, which they have so long enjoyed and exercised.

When the Pope can go to the extreme of fulminating anathemas against all who maintain the liberty of the Press and of speech, or who insist that in the conflict of laws, civil and ecclesiastical, the civil law should prevail, or that any method of instruction solely secular, may. Tyndall, as the mouth-piece of nineteenth century science, says,. Centuries of subjection have not quite congealed the life-blood of men into crystals around the nucleus of blind faith; and the nineteenth is witnessing the struggles of the giant as he shakes off the Liliputian cordage and rises to his feet.

Even the Protestant communion of England and America, now engaged in the revision of the text of its Oracles, will be compelled to show the origin and merits of the text itself. The day of domineering over men with dogmas has reached its gloaming. Our work, then, is a plea for the recognition of the Hermetic philosophy, the anciently universal Wisdom-Religion, as the only possible key to the Absolute in science and theology.

To show that we do not at all conceal from ourselves the gravity of our undertaking, we may say in advance that it would not be strange if the following classes should array themselves against us:.

This latter term is used as a supercilious expression, just because it was and is still misunderstood. It is the object of this work to correct the erroneous opinions concerning "magic art. The Christians, who will see that we question the evidences of the genuineness of their faith. The Scientists, who will find their pretensions placed in the same bundle with those of the Roman Catholic Church for infallibility,.

Pseudo-Scientists will, of course, denounce us furiously. Broad Churchmen and Freethinkers will find that we do not accept what they do, but demand the recognition of the whole truth. Men of letters and various authorities, who hide their real belief in deference to popular prejudices.


Isis Unveiled Vol I - H P Blavatsky

Isis Unveiled: A Master-Key to the Mysteries of Ancient and Modern Science and Theology , published in , is a book of esoteric philosophy and Helena Petrovna Blavatsky 's first major work and a key text in her Theosophical movement. The work has often been criticized as a plagiarized occult work, with scholars noting how Blavatsky extensively copied from many sources popular among occultists at the time. The work was originally entitled The Veil of Isis , a title which remains on the heading of each page, but had to be renamed once Blavatsky discovered that this title had already been used for an Rosicrucian work by W. Isis Unveiled is divided into two volumes.


Helena Petrovna BLAVATSKY



H.P. Blavatsky - Collected Writings - VOLUME v (1883)


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