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Photo: Courtesy The Estate of R. A reporter once asked Buckminster Fuller—the American systems theorist, architect, engineer, author, designer, inventor, environmentalist and futurist—how someone could learn what he knew. He answered simply: "Read my books. One might start at the Stanford Libraries, which acquired Fuller's papers in It's one of the most extensive personal archives anywhere—pretty much every substantive piece of paper, film photography or audio tape that ever passed across his desk.

About hours of audiovisual material have been digitized and are available on the web, including his notorious lectures that went on for hours and a video of his conversations with San Francisco hippies. Fuller's signature effort was refining the geodesic dome, a super-lightweight yet extremely strong structure. But there was so much more. Under the Dymaxion concept for "dynamic maximum tension" , he aimed to achieve the greatest possible efficiency and economy in a number of inventions.

His aluminum Dymaxion House features a single pole as structural support, natural heating and cooling, self-generating power, stormproof design and maintenance-free materials—all weighing in at 3, pounds and priced like a Cadillac. The passenger, three-wheeled aerodynamic Dymaxion Car he designed in the s got 30 miles per gallon and could reach 90 mph.

Fuller kept exhaustive, meticulous notes in a mad-scientist system he called the Dymaxion Chronofile—about linear feet of its records anchor the archive. More scrapbook than conventional diary, it begins with the year of his birth, The collection documents hundreds of Fuller's design artifacts, inventions and cartographic works and includes more than 1, sketches. Stanford even has his foot "Fly's Eye Dome.

Clearly, he had a lot to say—and he was invariably inventive in the way he said it. I know that I am not a category," he wrote. I seem to be a verb, an evolutionary process—an integral function of the universe. Like Bill Gates, "Bucky" Fuller left Harvard sans degree, but he collected 40 honorary doctorates, as well as the Presidential Medal of Freedom shortly before his death in Always on the go, he famously wore three watches: one for his current time zone, one for the zone he had departed and one for his next destination.

Cynthia Haven is the associate director of communications at Stanford University Libraries. That most untraditional of traditions, the whimsical procession known as the Wacky Walk, kicked off the University's st Commencement. Artist sees the world's environmental problem in a grain of plastic. Faculty Senate prescribes 11 courses to impart methods and approaches rather than disciplines.

Magazine Current Issue Past Issues. Farm Report. Facebook - share an article. Opens in new window. Twitter - share an article. By Cynthia Haven. You May Also Like. Farm Report Commencement: June 17, Planet Cardinal A Trashy Story.


Austin Kleon — I Seem To Be A Verb by R. Buckminster Fuller ...

I t's a slim paperback and forgotten by most. But I Seem to be a Verb by R. Buckminster Fuller is a cult book for many reasons, not least because its content appears to resemble what the modern Internet has become. The quotes, the slogans, powerful images packed with meaning, facts designed to influence a reader in a split second, and political sound-bites - they are all there. This book contains elements we consume on a daily basis via Facebook, Tumblr, Reddit and Twitter, and yet it was written while Richard Nixon was in the White House. Firstly, who was R. Buckminster Fuller?


I Seem To Be A Verb

A perfectly charming, cute, naive, cranky collage of jokes, clever insights, utopian plans, and futuristic predictions about technology and society. It's wacky enough that it doesn't need to take its message too seriously, but interesting enough to get you flipping pages. Richard Buckminster "Bucky" Fuller, the innovative thinker, engineer, and inventor, was born July 12, in Milton, Massachusetts. Despite early failures and tragedies, including his being expelled from Harvard University twice and the death of his four-year-old daughter, Fuller went on to achieve many successes. He is best known for inventing the geodesic dome; his design has been used in structures all over the world. Besides Harvard, Fuller also attended the U. Naval Academy, and was a professor at Southern Illinois University.


I seem to be a verb...


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