I love wandering around the few and narrow streets of the little towns of the Aegadian Islands, which center is always the town square where the old men, already in the early morning, sit in the Bar del Corso facing the main church read the Giornale di Sicilia and tourists have their breakfast. Sicily is perhaps a little outmoded. I spend time listening to the stories of fishermen. With small steps.

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I love wandering around the few and narrow streets of the little towns of the Aegadian Islands, which center is always the town square where the old men, already in the early morning, sit in the Bar del Corso facing the main church read the Giornale di Sicilia and tourists have their breakfast.

Sicily is perhaps a little outmoded. I spend time listening to the stories of fishermen. With small steps. Taking it in small doses that let me feel, at each departure, the melancholy of an affection for this complex and bloody earth, generous and proud.

Old and still land. A land that in truth is many. It seems that now this is no longer true. But if the climate has changed, what has not changed is the everyday scenario of the small town of Favignana.

Times that elsewhere have passed, here seem to be the same as always. Life flows slowly, fishermen mend their nets for fishing, the closing afternoon break makes pretty hard to find something open, restuarants or shops.

You walk, you ride the bicycle, you do boat rides or long walks. Aegadian Islands Egad rapresent the still old Sicilian lifestyle that, perhaps, used to be typical of the Aeolian Islands, now much more fashionable and less rustic than they could be 20 years ago. Soul of Sicily, ancient, warm and generous, whose history is linked to the sea and so his people that, from the beautiful crystal clear and clean waters, have drawn their own living through months fishing, strategically, bluefin tuna, former resident in the Sicilian seas.

To simplify the reading I have divided the content into paragraphs. Click on the title of your interest to go directly to what you want to read. The island of Favignana is characterized by less rugged coastline than the other two islands, it allows access by road to most of the coves and beaches of the island, alternating different and suggestive scenarios. An ideal beach destination for those looking for ancient flavors and relaxing beach life without too many worries.

The sandy beaches are few: Cala Azzurra, Lido Burrone and Praia, a beautiful bay close to the center adjacent to the Ex Florio building at the foot of St. Surely the most famous cove is Cala Rossa , a bay in a tuff area characterized by blue water, easily reached by bike, just 10 minutes biking from the town center, continuing the ride we get to Punta Lunga , characterized by a series of rocky coves and finally arrive at Calamoni, where sandy coves and rocky plates come together.

The ride then continues for Cala Graziosa , rocky and sandy bay, and finally Cala Rotonda. The Tonnara Ex Florio is not only an impressive and beautiful building but it is also a place of history that tells stories about life and death if the island of Favignana.

A passionate and extremely educational visit that tells of characters still around town and the economy of the island at the time of the big peach.

Highly recommended! Favignana is worth more than a day, activities to do are numerous. Despite the size of the island and the apparent tranquility, every day you can do something new and different, or doing and doing again the same things to enjoy typical smell and quiet of the Sicilian islands.

Aegadian Islands can be accessible with low budget during off season, but during summer things change. Great breakfast! Book now. Facility strategically located just outside the village in a quiet and secluded area, equipped with all the amenities to fully enjoy the island. Agreements with restaurants and special prices bike rental. Less than 3 minutes walk from the center and 6 minutes to the port. Good solution! But no matter where it gets its name from, Levanzo is wonderful and tiny.

A small white and blue jewel set in the rock overlooking a bay of crystal clear water. The island is the oldest of the three, million years old, and the presence of man, dates back to about 10, years ago, witnessed by graffiti in the Genovese cave.

The Genovese cave, dating back to the Paleolithic-Neolithic, let us travel back 10, years ago, showing gorgeous graffiti and murals. Some graffiti show animals that man wished to hunt, others depict figures in ritual dance. The island is small enough to lend itself well to days on the beach and relax and boating. In particular it is worth not miss the following activities.

For the selection of housing I used Airbnb that offers the highest number of rentals. The house a bit far from the center, about 20 minutes walk from Levanzo town center and a 5-minute drive.

Well appointed and quiet rooms. Thefriendly and helpfu owners will make sure you will have a perfect the stay in the island. An apartment with the view that pays the price back, directly on the bay of Levanzo, tastefully decorated to live in harmony with the wild nature of the island. Central and close to the town center, the apartments of the residence are all equipped and are located in a typical structure of the islands.

Simple and functional at a great price! Marettimo, between the three islands, is the most distant, wild and untouched, probably the distance let the island remain a remote place where the human impact is, today, still minimal. Here is, in fact, where rare species of theMediterranean managed to survive. The caves, of which the island is full, in fact, the only way to discover the island is by boat, are about , subdued and emerged.

Marettimo is a typical fishing island where life still takes place in the sea, easy to see fishermen grappling with the networks or dedicated to the sale of fish. A place far away, unspoiled and genuine, ideal for those who love peace and want to, for a few days, log off completely. Marettimo is not only sea and snorkeling but also a place where archeology and history play an important role. It is worth visiting the Roman houses, a Roman building of the Republican period and the Byzantine church, that dates back to the early centuries of Christianity built between and by Byzantine monks on a formerly Christian site.

The top of Punta Troia is also a magical place, dating back to the Norman period and recently renovated, that offers the most beautiful landscape view of the whole archipelago.

Residence located in the highland of the island in a quiet and relaxing area. Rooms are quiet and spacious with a kitchenette and a private terrace overlooking the coast. A short distance from the port of Marettimo, in the heart of the village, the apartment is furnished with taste and originality. A great value for money! Rooms in the central area, furnished with typical island style, blue and white, spacious and clean.

At just meters from the sea. From the terrace you can enjoy a wonderful seaview. Obviously, these mini-cruises that put together more people and the trip can be tiring and hasty, but if you have little time and want to do as much as possible it could be a cool idea. In Levanzo you have to walk or rent small fishermen boats. All three are beautiful as they are also different. Levanzo and Marettimo are more wild and quiet, Levanzo is especially the smallest, has two beautiful beaches that you can reach on feet and is 10 minutes by hydrofoil from Favignana.

Marettimo is quite large, the fishing village seems to have remained unchanged over time, it offers a cool trek up the mountain too. The limit, if we want to call it, is that the coves can only be reached by boat. Favignana is the largest, easy to get around by bike, it offers a lively nightlife in the summer. Personally, I opted for this island taking everyday hydrofoils rides to get to the others. In May the island was still pretty much empty, it might be the reason why I enjoyed it so much.

Favignana, Levanzo or Marettimo? Empty gallery item. Please make sure you have upload image to it or check the short code. Esperta di Africa e Latino America sono in viaggio perenne dal Ho fatto un giro del mondo in solitaria durato 3 anni.

Mi occupo di realizzazione viaggi personalizzati e su misura in Africa e Sud America. We are interested in going on August 2nd. How do we reserve? But on this page you can book it. Thanks so much for your informative blog post! Would we be able to do day trips from Favignana to Levanzo? Should we do it ourselves ie: take the hydrofoil between islands or should we ask a fisherman to take us out? Enjoy the islands! Sito web. Giulia Chi? Cerca il nostro indirizzo giulia kipepeoexperience.

Scrivi e premi invio per cercare. This is the homeland of the Gods of Greek mythology. Near these places, Pluto abducted Persephone from her mother. In this wood we just walked through, Ceres ceased her swift running and tired of her fruitless search, sat on a rock, and despite being a goddess, she wept, the Greeks say, since she was a mother.

Galatea fled from Polyphemus and Acis, close to succumbing to the blows of his rival, enthralled these shores leaving his name here … In the distance you can see the lake of Hercules and the rocks of the Cyclops. Land of gods and heroes! Alexis De Tocqueville. Ex factory Florio Favignana Tuna fishery — A visit that is worth! Genovese Cave The Genovese cave, dating back to the Paleolithic-Neolithic, let us travel back 10, years ago, showing gorgeous graffiti and murals.

Giulia Raciti. Articolo precedente Solo Travels - Pros and Cons. Articolo successivo Backpacking in Mongolia - The Gobi desert.


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Favignana, Levanzo, Marettimo — Egadi Islands. Nature continues its rhythms, those of an island are particularly variable because they are more affected by climate change and constant and constant temperature changes, winds and tides. In Favignana in this period it blooms …. Favignana offers access to almost all the coves by land as well as by sea. I am beyond 36 the km of coastline, of a hypothetical circumnavigation of the island, almost all accessible that is congested only in the period ….


Best of Aegadian Islands – The ultimate guide to the islands

Favignana history and map. Getting around. With its 19 square-kilometre of surface and 32 km of coast is the most renowned vacation island on the West Coast of Sicily. This splendid island is only 30 minutes away from the closest harbour accessible by the near airport of Trapani 15 minute-drive away and Palermo airport 50 minute-drive away.

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