Designed to be a faster and more user-friendly alternative to the printed Trade Product Guide the 'eCatalogue' is an invaluable, unique and effective industry tool. The Clipsal eCatalogue provides up-to-date product related information, including all available brochures and installation instructions that you need. The eCatalogue is also perfect for the home office. You can easily create quotes, BOMs and invoices as well as exporting pricing data for use in 3rd party financial software. The Clipsal eCatalogue contains Clipsal products manufactured for, and is ideally suited to, the Australian market.

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This is not a time synchronization as there is no source sending a signal out to the device, however it is possible to use a modbus software to automate this process and get time from a source and pass this time to the meter over modbus. In order to time synchronize an ION73xx meter using modbus, it must be done by converting unix time into two 16 bit values. These values are then passed to the and registers. The time being passed to the meter must first be converted to UNIX time.

The UNIX time is then split into a higher and lower order 16 bit values. For example:. At this point the user can pass into register and into register We use cookies to provide you with a better onsite experience.

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A Great Gang of Surrounds Choosing the correct surge protection equipment. Classic Convertibles, for an instant colour change, 1. Clipsal Lifesavers in Electrical Protection - 1. Cooker switches that rock! Discover the seven steps to a safe and secure home, Energy Efficiency Trade Product Guide, 1. Fire Rated Wall Boxes, Now acoustically rated and designed for easy fixing Inside out, The complete electrical guide for your home and garden 2. Power Solutions to get away - Residential Energy Efficiency Guide, 5.

Surge Protection Product Guide The new range of push-button timer switches There's a new lifesaver on patrol 1. Revit Pack Series 8. Revit Pack Standard Range 1. Certificate of Approval Conformity Frequently Asked Questions hide show. The L does not come in black as a standard colour. However you may be able to get it made as a special. Resolution: See attached file. For example, using the same server and the same data set, a report run in Excel took five minutes, where the same report run using Excel or Excel took under one minute.

As RepGen is near end of life, this problem will not be investigated. The recommendation is to use versions of Excel prior to Excel if optimal performance is required. Issue: Why does the ATV Annex show circuit breakers for the single-phase v drives and the Annex does not show them? It will be added again in the next ATV Annex update. B has conflicting descriptions of Aux port pinouts on pgs. See attached. The surround to suit architrave is part number The QAT Quick Access Toolbar feature for secondary window containers which allows database items such as Mimics, Lists, Trends or reports to appear simultaneously on separate monitors has been removed from latest releases of ClearSCADA as part of secondary window container improvements as shown below.

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Automatic Single Socket Outlet, 250VAC, 10A






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