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Quick Links. Erst Betriebsanleitung Teil 1 lesen! Read Instruction manual part 1 first! Lisez d'abord le manuel d'instructions partie 1! Prima leggere le manuale di istruzione 1 parte! Leer manual de instrucciones parte 1 antes! Table of Contents. STOP Lisez d'abord le manuel d'instructions partie 1! Page 2 Los pictogramas utilizados en Pagina General with the highest demands on quality and dynamic. The operation of other electrical utilization equipment is forbidden and can lead to the destruction of the unit.

Output voltage 3 x U Mains Output frequency [Hz] Page 6: Dimensions Power Circuit 2. Size Only use up to 4 KHz switching and 51 Hz output frequency!!! For other switching or output frequencies ask KEB. Motor Mounting plate Page 8: Control Circuit Installation and Connection Control circuit 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 3.

Page Keyboard Operation of the Unit 4. Page Operating Display Operation of the Unit 4. Actual frequency display Display of the actual output frequency with a resolution of 0.

The rotation of the inverter is indicated by the sign. Output frequency With the adjusted frequency here the inverter reaches a maximal output Rated frequency voltage. Page 14 Operation of the Unit Deceleration time The parameter determines the time needed in order to decelerate from to 0 Hz. The actual deceleration time is proportional to the frequency change. These adjustments can be ignored at the initial startup.

This function protects the frequency inverter against switching off by Max. Page 16 Operation of the Unit Speed search When connecting the frequency inverter onto a decelerating motor, an error can be triggered by the differing rotating field frequencies.

At activated speed search the inverter searches the actual motor speed, adapts its output frequency and accelerates with the adjusted ramp onto the given set value. In order to activate the function, set the value at 1. Adjustment range: Quick braking is caused by DC voltage, which is applied onto the motor winding. This parameter determines how the DC-braking is triggered. This parameter can adjust the function of the output onto any function listed in the table below.

Page The Drive Mode Drive mode 4. After switching the control release the set value and rotation presetting is done exclusively by the keyboard.

In order to activate the drive mode the corresponding password in CP. Page Error Diagnosis Error messages are represented with an "E.

The displays and their causes are described below. Occurs, when the intermediate ciruict voltage falls below the permissible value. Page 27 Angebote enthalten nur Richtwerte. Alle Rechte vorbehalten. Prior to delivery all products pass several quality and performance inspections so that malfunctions can be ruled out.

KG Wildbacher Str. Print page 1 Print document 30 pages. Cancel Delete. Sign In OR. Don't have an account? Sign up! Restore password. Upload from disk.

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KEB COMBIVERT F4-S Series Instruction Manual


2N3563 PDF


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