This post is part of a continuing series evaluating the S-1s of publicly traded SaaS companies in order to better understand the core business and build a library of benchmarks that might be useful to founders. We had previously analyzed the business when the company filed their first S Yesterday, the company filed an updated version of their S In the past two quarters, some of the key financial characteristics trajectory have improved materially.

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Free Shipping for Registered Users. Click here for details and shipping times. Your browser's Javascript functionality is turned off. Please turn it on so that you can experience the full capabilities of this site. Five Ten made headlines in when we invented the first approach shoe the Five Tennie with Stealth high-friction rubber.

Then we revolutionized climbing by developing special Stealth formulas for rock shoes. We love to geek out about stuff like abrasion resistance, durometers, and tensile strength-but the important thing to remember is that Stealth Rubber is the leading high-friction outsole. Advantages: Excellent interlock, Low-force friction, Vibration damping. Throughout the advancement of boulder and sport climbing, Stealth HF has helped unlock the steepest of climbs by conforming to even the smallest edges and crystals, allowing athletes to pull with their feet in ways never before possible.

Tried and true C4 allows climbers to stick to barely there edges, lock into smears on microscopic nubbins, and cruise up technical terrain with unparalleled confidence in their footwork. Advantages: Edging - Excellent interlock -Vibration damping - Hard friction.

Advantages: Excellent interlock - Low-force friction - Vibration damping. Our most versatile compound: it is used throughout our entire footwear line. S1 sticks to all surfaces whether they are wet or dry. This makes S1 ideal for all conditions.

Stealth S1 exhibits an extraordinary balance of high friction and durability with an ample amount of cushioning. When applied to bike shoes, its damping quality battles chatter on the trail. Stealth Phantom is our colored, non-marking rubber compound-originally developed for the military and Special Ops-available to anyone who needs to move quietly without a trace. It also provides bomber traction and power transfer when planted on the bike pedals. Stealth S1 exhibits an extraordinary balance of high friction and durability with excellent cushioning.

Stealth C4 Dotty outsole offers vibration and shock dampening but still provides grip when off the bike excursions require it. Micro-dotty outsoles have smaller dots to provide a secure connection on the bike, skateboard or sidewalk. Combining sticky Stealth Rubber with our embedded dots provide the ultimate sticky surface for your feet and pedals. The Guide Tennie raised Dotty pattern digs into the dirt without compromising grip while climbing. A hand-ground beveled climbing toe delivers precision edging power.

The asymmetric shape of the last moves the longest part of the shoe over the big toe for increased edging power while climbing. The classic lace-up system enables a fine tuned fit of the shoe. A Velcro closure is as simple as practical and makes taking the shoe on and off fast and easy.

A reel and a steel lace cable system to crank shoes Made by Boa Technology. Get a perfect fit with the simple turn of a dial. Boa Technology guarantees the Boa Closure System reel and laces for the lifetime of the product. The Velcro strap gives directional support and provides a more fixed closure for the heel to prevent heel lift with stiffer shoes. Underneath the strap laces can be tucked away safely. An elastic lace tuck makes it easy to securely stow your laces. Past Season Sale. Media Adidas Outdoor Five Ten.

Athletes Adidas Outdoor Five Ten. Search Catalog. Media: Five Ten Tech. Advantages: Edging - Vibration damping - Good interlock. Advantages: Non-Marking - High friction - Available in colors. Privacy Policy Terms and Conditions.

DOD 4145.19-R-1 PDF

Benchmarking Box's Updated S-1 - How 7 Key SaaS Metrics Stack Up

As filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission on March 12, Registration No. Washington, D. Amendment No. FORM S Exact name of registrant as specified in its charter.


This class is used together with other classes that contain custom attributes and is used to read and write these attributes. The actual attributes are accessible as ECMA properties. The syntax for setting and retrieving the value of a custom attribute depends upon the type of the attribute. If the wrong syntax is used to set an individual attribute than an exception will be thrown. The following script examples demonstrate how to work with custom attributes. Suppose we have an ExtensibleObject named "eo" possessing attributes of all the different types supported by the Commerce Cloud Digital metadata system.





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