Well now you can, courtesy of Symphonic Choirs , the latest virtual-instrument sample library from East West and Quantum Leap. While the sample world seems to be overflowing with quality orchestral libraries, the same is not true for the obvious complement to the orchestra — the choir. Admittedly, choral music is a somewhat more specialised genre but, for film and media composers in particular, the use of choral parts is a common requirement. It fully deserves its 'classic' status and can still be regularly heard in film and TV music.

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Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. Forums Latest Posts Search forums. What's new. Latest Posts. Search forums. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Choirs Wordbuilder. Thread starter Minsky Start date Nov 18, Minsky New Member. I couldn't install it. I tried everything. Maybe they got bored. I know I did. In the end I had to get on with work without it and just never installed their Choir software.

I have other instruments of theirs and using them is always a kind of 'war of attrition' or battle of wills they should release one called that! You can't install, you have to update about a million times before anything will work That was my experience. Now several years and I do honestly mean that after purchasing this software I had tried to give it back but they wouldn't have it I'll be honest, I was excited.

I made a mistake though I allowed my hope to get the upper hand. I thought maybe I could use it on a current project. Good timing I though. I calmly downloaded the tutorial videos with the deluded notion along the lines of 'it can't be that hard Nothing like. Not even the same colour windows. Now I have software that I really need to use.. I admit that I'm a musician rather than a technician but I'm not an idiot.

I'm ok with computers. I used to work for Apple. I could feel the joy literally drain away. I have contacted them and hope to hear from then sometime after Christmas! In the meantime I wonder if any of you guys can suggest useful tutorials anywhere that I may have missed? If I do find anything then I shall let the forum know for later users. Vlzmusic Active Member. I own many EW products, though I have experience only since Play 3 is around.

I agree that EW products can be frustrating at time. I did run into various problems, and bugs, and strangely enough they were never sorted out even some EWQLSO bugs, like Xfade in timpani.

BUT, and it is actually the sole important message I wanted to share in this topic - it was never a serious deal breaker. Hs gold, Solo Violin - and never had any grand issues beyond what seems like some faulty patches here and there.

Ilok also seems to do fine. I want to mention Spaces as well - cause it surely have been one of the most stable and cpu friendly plugins I encounter. Not to mention I love the sound I do own lots of Vienna stuff, and "of course" their software design is second to none. But again, faulty design, errors in patches is a bit different story in my view. Ciaran Birch Member. Jay Asher on here is great at trying to sort out EW problems. I'm sure if he sees your post he'll try his best to point you to some good tutorials.

I find the wordbuilder to be tough to use at the best of times. Soundiron's choirs are supposed to be second to none for usability. And getting the right velocities without a sudden jerk in the volume with words is tough too.

Other than that I've had no problems with EW stuff. I have SO platinum and Spaces and find them fantastic. RiffWraith Senior Member. There is a big learning curve, and even once you get it, it takes a lot of work. This is not something you want to be using for the first time on a project.

Minsky Mon Nov 18 said:. TGV Senior Member. The tutorials with the separate WordBuilder application are for Play 1 or 2. Nowadays, WB is integrated in Play.

Also, don't expect an understandable, natural singing choir after entering a few words. It takes a lot of effort to get it to sound decent. I believe the idea is to get the illusion of singing more than actual singing, which is usually what you get in film score anyway, real choir or not. I mean in terms of enunciation and language it's usually kinda purposely hidden and enigmatic. Casiquire Senior Member.

Hasn't everyone here seen the misinterpreted O Fortuna video? The truth is you can't understand what a real choir is singing in a hall. There's a reason why even English-language operas still have to show subtitles or supertitles during the performance--the human voice was made to be understandable at close range, not at great distance, when in a hall, and EWQLSC was made to sound like an epic and operatic choir.

As for trouble with EWQL as a company, unfortunately the truth is that you're preaching to the-- whoops, glad I caught myself there. I agree with Casiquire - distinguishable in terms of academical choir in a hall - is not what you hear in pop back vocals or Broadway show ensemble singing. Still, we all know that a choir doesn't sound like your standard "aaah" patch.

If you read along, you should be able to identify that they're not singing something totally different. Agree with the others. This isn't a lib you learn overnight with a job on your plate. But it can be awesome once you figure it out and work with it. ScoringFilm Active Member. SoundTravels Member. I have to disagree about choir singing in a hall being naturally unintelligible.

Sure, there are lot's of times when sung words are pretty hard to understand, but good text-setting is an attempt to make singing both idiomatic and intelligible. And some composers do it really well, despite what hall their music is performed in.

I think sampled choir libraries suffer less from the nature of choir singing, and more from the artificial intelligence behind sewing the words together. You can tell that it's supposed to be human, and usually you can understand, but lot's of times the emphasis is on the wrong syllable, and the way the phonemes get mashed together, it just sounds kind of garbled and robotic.

Like, in a crowded bar, there's a threshold where you can barely hear someone, but you can still understand them. After it gets past that threshold, you're just nodding and agreeing but have no idea what they're saying!

Which is kind of the effect I've always gotten with choir libs, and why a lot of cues just go for obscure-sounding-possibly-foreign-language-ish. Siri is like what a next-gen choir library might be. EWSC is older, so it's more like one of those early automated phone-trees for when you had to complain about your cell-phone bill. You can judge intelligibility on my choir stuff, if you want.

Being an orchestral musician that performs live most days of the week I have a pretty good understanding of the reality of concert hall acoustics and I spent over a year researching, testing and programming for Voices of Prague so my opinions are pretty well informed but are still just my opinions! If somebody could provide a live recording of an intelligible concert hall choir performance from a reasonable i.

Until such time I maintain that one generally cannot distinguish choir words in a concert hall choir performance and therefore samples shouldn't emulate a false reality.

Another aspect worth considering is that many rarely actually listen to live performances: Ira Norman Seagall, owner of the purist recording company Contemporary Analogue Masterworks states "unfortunately people will buy the labels and artists that they are familiar with….

Udo Senior Member. TGV Sat Nov 23 said:. ScoringFilm Fri Nov 22 said:. You must log in or register to reply here.


East West - Is It Just Me? Choirs Wordbuilder

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Symphonic Choirs

Symphonic Choirs is a vocal synthesizer and vocal library software. It was made by EastWest. Symphonic Choirs is a bit vocal synthesizer designed to imitate an entire vocal choir, the content was created by producers Doug Rogers and Nick Phoenix with recording engineer Keith O. Johnson for EastWest.


East West Quantum Leap Symphonic Choirs


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