Covid Corona Pandemic is moving our country and the whole world. We at AFB continue to run without restriction and make every effort to keep a close eye on all of our supply chains so that we can act quickly if necessary so that you, our customer, receive your goods in the usual quality. However, we ask for your understanding if there are delays in one or the other critical segments protective equipment of order items. Temperature monitoring relay Screw connection 80 V Item No. Shipping costs incl.

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Beschreibung Description. Bitbus cable 1m DL Backplane mounting device. Analog output module DA Analog input module AD Communication module K Timer Type MSM - digital. SBA-1, 0. SBA-2, 0. SBR-2, 0. SBM-2, 0. SBT, 0. SBWE, 0. Plugs for fibre optic cables. Fibre optic cable bushing. Tools for fibre optic cable.

Processor module P Processor module P T1. Counter-analog module ZA 25 T1. AK P 6 mm diameter PT P 4 mm diameter PT Complete part list for Eberle rplacement parts:.

Deutsche Version. Cab AL 81 Con. Cab AK 8. Cab AK 3 Con. Cab AK 4 Com. Cab AK 1 Con. Cab AL 42 Con. Cab AL S Con. Cab AL 43 Con. Cab AL 41 Con. Cab AL 46 Con. Cab AL 47 Con. Cab AL 48 Con. Cab AK Data cable DL 7. EDOPS 2. Data cable DL 6. Data cable DL Control panel BC Control panel BC P. Control panel BC PL. Adapter module PD 0. Junction box VB 8. O module A Counter module Z Network module N Module rack MT Extension rack MT Cab AL Blank plate BP Blank cassette BK Plug-in holder SKH 2.

Cab AK 3. Cab AK 4. Cab AK 1. Supply module V Buffer module PU Input module E Output module A Data memory module DS Display module AZ Co-processor R Online module O Network module CAN Cab AL S. Bus connector RDS Adapter module DP Air flow monitor LSW Timer Cover, IP Plug-in socket, pole.

Timer Type MSM Manual, German HB vario. Supply module V 22 T1. Network module CAN 21 T1. Module rack MT 21 T1. Module rack MT T1. Module rack MT 22 T1. Lithium battery B Manual, English HB Manual, English HB S.

Screw connector ST 5. Plug-in socket 8-pole. Lithium battery LB1. T T FE 6. T FE 4. Compensation cable. P PT TRa F4. TRa F6. TRa P7. TRa P9. TR W TR N TR W


Eberle Tr-6200N 886975031050 Temperature Controller,Tr-6200,Eq



Temperature monitoring relay Screw connection 80 V 886974021060


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