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A lot of noise out of nothing, made a statement by a respected concern that produces Renault cars - that Elf NF 5w40 engine oil is removed from the list according to recommendations for use. The main thing in this story is that Renault did not give such recommendations regarding Elf Excellium NF 5W motor lubricant, and to be absolutely precise, there was no approval from this concern for this oil initially.

In order not to be unfounded, we will consider in detail the characteristics of both oils and try to find the differences between them. It is recommended for use only on cars with diesel and gasoline fuels.

Here it is worth stopping and noting that Elf NF 5W40 engine oil has never been synthetic, but is its high-quality analogue, since a hydrocracking system is used in its production. The manufacturer does not change himself and focuses Elf Excellium NF 5W40 engine oil on almost all types of engines with extreme driving in extremely harsh operating conditions.

The product is also focused on racing cars and a sharp sports driving style. Elf Evolution SXR 5W40 is a fairly new product from the Elf company, which has been defined as a fully synthetic new generation oil with the Fuel Economy system. The application is serious, since engine oil immediately claims to be super-economical to use practically non-volatile and increased fuel savings. Use is recommended for all types of cars and vans, with any engine system, including multi-valve.

The main difference from analogues is that it does not lose its working properties even with a long run, despite the fact that it has a dark color from birth. The manufacturer, without changing himself, again adapted the new product to extreme driving style at high speeds, poor climate and unrealistic loads.

Having carefully examined the main characteristics of both oils, it can be concluded that Elf SXR still refers to modern, purely synthetic motor lubricants, as evidenced by the maximum freezing temperature of this product and a higher temperature for shearing the protective film. The rest of the hydrocracking Elf NF is in no way inferior to its more modern counterpart.

Both miraculous additives obtained on the basis of nanotechnology are completely absent in both engine oils, and no traces of ceramic dust have been found that attract everyone and everything. Such a remark is rather a plus than a minus for a high-quality, serious product, released for operation in any harsh conditions and at any extreme daily loads. For the good operation of an automobile engine, it is important to select a quality one.

That is why every owner of the machine must have knowledge of grease selection. Elf Company is considered one of the world's leading manufacturers of oils. Its products are used for cars, moving or gasoline. According to the manufacturer, the viscosity of goods that belong to the 5W line is adapted to difficult operating conditions, therefore it is suitable for both summer and cool seasons, it works even in cold weather. Advantages are also in increased thermal stability, in the ability to prevent the destruction of the structural elements of the device and guarantee its effective operation under difficult conditions of use.

Elf 5W oil is characterized by high lubricating characteristics, which ensures economical fuel consumption. The production line is carried out taking into account the observance of the necessary world standards. The company follows the direct injection method in diesel engines.

The manufacturer also claims that the proper functioning of the internal combustion engine allows you to increase the life of the lubricant product.

The motor fluid is produced in a plastic canister, a choice of 1, 2, 4, 5 or 20 liters is offered. As for the article, it will be different, it is influenced by the brand. In addition to the above properties of Elf Evolution, the characteristics of the product allow it to be used for diesel cars and vans.

It can be used for sports riding, as well as for lovers of high speed. Many drivers for their cars prefer to choose this type of fluid, which is classified as a high-quality lubricant suitable for any car brand, the only condition is the presence of a catalytic afterburning system. The product is suitable for diesel and gasoline engines, as well as ICE light trucks.

In addition, it is allowed to use in TDI motors, the work of which is carried out on. The brand is characterized by increased efficiency, suitable for all diesel and gasoline cars. It is believed that this oil will be the best solution for cars with particulate filters. Its features:. The average operational resource of the product reaches 10, km.

Elf 5w engine oils have several advantages:. The minuses include a huge number of fakes that flooded the market. Due to the acquisition of counterfeit, the user does not have the opportunity to evaluate the work of the original product.

Some car owners say that during the operation of the oil appear, there is a knock when the engine is cold. There is an opinion that the cause of this phenomenon may be the problem of the functioning of the unit itself.

Complaints also come about the rapid aging of the lubricant. So, after a run of 4 - 5 thousand km. Many drivers are interested in whether there is an analogue of Elf oil. To date, four criteria are distinguished, thanks to which you can determine the quality of the liquid in front of you or fake. First of all, you should pay attention to the cover.

The original has a polished edge. Next, look at the gap that is between the cork and the container, its size is 1. The third criterion is the angular edge. This part is located near the neck and has a narrow shape. Another distinguishing feature is the bottom of the canister, convex strips do not reach the edge by 5 mm. This is due to the use of a single color scheme. Only a laboratory examination will help give an accurate answer using this element.

The cost of oil depends on the brand. One of the most important "consumables" of a motorist is engine oil. It is necessary to lubricate the components of the power unit during operation.

The fluid allows the motor to function stably and prevents rapid wear of parts. It has many characteristics that are suitable for certain motors. These criteria include the level of viscosity, frost resistance and others. Currently, the motorist is given a huge selection of automotive lubricants, but even among all this variety, Elf 5W30 synthetic oil is a leader. Firstly, this engine fluid is suitable for gasoline, diesel, turbocharged gasoline and diesel power units.

That is, in other words, it is universal in use. This is confirmed by the fact that Elf SAE 5W30 can be used in various climatic conditions and at different car traffic intensities whether it is a traffic jam or traffic on the autobahn.

Elf Evolution engine oil provides quality engine protection and reduced fuel consumption. It is mainly intended for cars and small vans. Due to its characteristics, as well as its versatility of use, the reviews are positive. Elf Evolution Car brand oil is distinguished by quality and reliability.

In addition, engine performance improves. When I first poured the liquid, I noticed that the engine became more stable. In addition, the winter start problem, which was observed at the time when I used other analogues, disappeared. Lubricant is ideal for a diesel engine. The power unit began to work a little quieter. The fact that oil can be changed not so often is encouraging, on average, one flooding is enough for thousand kilometers traveled. After I poured oil for the first time, I felt significant savings.

In the city, it happens, it is possible to save a liter and a half. And when my "swallow" plows the expanses of highways, I spend less by two liters stably. Despite the "exhortations" of friends that the lubricating fluid of this brand of dubious quality, I decided to try. And I do not regret it. After the oil was poured, the engine began to function better and quieter, consumption in the city decreased, and I completely forgot about the problem of unstable winter engine starting.

It is worth noting that I purchased the liquid from an authorized dealer, since when buying in dubious parts stores you can run into a fake. ELF Evolution SXR 5w40 engine oil has been on the lubricant market since recently, but has already gained popularity among drivers. This is due to the fact that the lubricant is used in many propulsion systems running on diesel fuel or gasoline.

Elf lubricant mixture is a fully synthetic product obtained using special technologies of the manufacturer. Car oil is thermostable and has enhanced lubricating properties. The oil has a number of positive properties, among which the formation on the surface of the working units of a uniform oil shell, which protects the system from premature wear, reduces contact between the working parts and improves the operation of the power unit as a whole.

High resistance to temperature changes and oxidizing agents helps the car mixture to maintain viscosity. Oil shows good results on pumpability in frost, which eliminates oil starvation of parts at low temperatures. The main distinguishing feature of the oil composition is the increased distance between the oil change processes.

And importantly, it contributes to the careful use of fuel. In addition, ELF Evolution SXR 5w40 engine oil is not consumed in a burnout, which means that there is no need for periodic topping up. The parameters of the substance are stable over the entire period of operation and do not lose their working properties even with high mileage. The manufacturer managed to adapt the oil to extreme loads and severe climatic conditions.

The description of one is identical to the other, that is, the properties are no different from each other. But there is still a distinguishing feature - these are specifications of technical substances. Oil marked with SXR is allowed to work in systems equipped with soot filters, but Elf Evolution NF 5w40 grease is not allowed to work with such devices. Automotive oil Elf Evolution SXT 5w40 is positioned by the manufacturer as super-economical to use. The grease was created specifically for diesel powertrains of light vehicles, light trucks and vans.

The composition is combined with the bulk of propulsion systems operating on various types of fuel.







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