If we assume that the monitoring network is a signal communication system capable of providing hydrological information, we can use the assessment criteria dealt with in the Shannon information theory. The fundamental criterion derived from this theory is the value of marginal information entropy calculated for each location of the sampling point. These values are assumed to be the measure of the amount of information included in the data. Furthermore, some variants are proposed of how to reduce the number of measuring points in the existing monitoring network. The reservoir has been classified as one of the world's largest industrial waste disposal site. The paper shows the results of physicochemical analysis of the groundwater from piezometers located in the E forefield area.

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Increasing the information superiority on the modern battlefield through the use of virtual reality systems. Janusz Dudczyk 1. In the article, the authors describe the potential of using virtual reality systems in the aspect of increasing information superiority on the modern battlefield.

The purpose of the article is to identify virtual reality systems as a tool to support this process. At the beginning, the authors present the genesis of virtual environments and they make a critical analysis of several virtual reality simulators, which have been the subject of scientific research in the last few years.

In this way, the authors emphasise the dynamic development of the ICT sector and the possibility of using its technical innovations to support military operations. Next, the authors discuss data processing, which was correlated with the cycle of strategic thinking.

Presentation of the hierarchy of information in information systems was the result of these analyses. In addition, the authors refer to the implementation of the communication process in the context of maximising the information superiority. They point to the relationship between the process of designing interactive virtual reality systems and communication theory. Finally, they highlight the advantages and disadvantages of virtual reality simulators in the context of increasing information superiority on the modern battlefield.

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Bell System Technical Journal Reprinted with corrections, 27, 1— Siu, K. Adaptive virtual reality training to optimize military medical skills acquisition and retention. Strickland, J. Immersion and gameplay experience: A contingency framework. International Journal of Computer Games Technology, 6. Send by email.


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