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Latest Projects Education. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Search Forums New Posts. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Scroll to continue with content. RickyZA said:. AlbertHall Joined Jun 4, 9, You should look for X-rated capacitors, that means they are rated for continuous connection across the mains supply. Those should work. But having said that, I doubt they are bad.

Usually quite reliable. AlbertHall said:. Hey man thanks for the post, im not really sure what that means, im trying to find something locally otherwise ill have to import it. Mmm, ive heard they are reliable but im sure they do have a lifespan? These have been working 14 years non stop, that is reliable but i mean eventually it does get to its end?

It doesn't look like your originals are across the line rated, so I'm not sure, without a schematic, if that's a problem or not. I've had a look on that RS site from your links and they don't mention the X-rating at all that I could find.

However, look for self-healing or suitable for across-the-line. One I found says it is not for across-the-line so avoid that. Do your multimeter have a capacitance range? Can you check their capacitance? Sorry for the late reply man, my multimeter unfortunately doesnt have a capicitance range, i have been looking at getting one though, i wanted to also ask you, did you see my post where i mentioned that the datasheet for the capacitors that are currently on the board are not rated for across the line applications?

If so then i take it there would be no need looking for X rated capacitors? Thanks man. I did see that, but I suspect that is how they are being used. Can you show us a photograph of the whole board? Does it have a mains transformer on it? If not then these two capacitors are being used to get a low voltage supply from the mains as C1 is being used below:. Last edited: Jan 15, I found these capacitors on a local website, do you guys think this will be suitable?

There is no transformer on the board or on the circuit diagram of the off-board components so the low voltage supply for the chip and the LEDs is supplied through those two capacitors which means that they are effectively connected across the line.

The two capacitors in your link are intended for pulse applications. The datasheet includes graphs of permissible AC voltage against frequency which do not go below 1kHz. They are clearly not intended for your kind of application. Do check that the sizes will fit your board.

The fault does sound like the sort of thing those capacitors cause. The capacitance falls and so the available current also falls and then the circuit 'sort of' works. Hence my suggestion of measuring the values which would confirm the problem but I think the capacitors may well be the cause of the problem.

I would replace them first before worrying about any other components. You sumed it up perfectly, it also sounds to me that they are sort of "half" working, you switch it to a higher setting and the available capacitance needed just isnt there, i managed to get hold of someone on a fixya post and he also explained that the capacitors were worn and couldnt take up the extra voltage needed.

Im going to order the two film caps and other two elec caps and let you know how it goes! Holding thumbs man, this would be an epic repair for me, cause with the price of a new board i might aswell buy another brand new unit. Once again many thanks for the help Albert! You must log in or register to reply here.

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GOST 7473-94 PDF

Datasheet «B32669»

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2pcs EPCOS B32669 MKP 0.47uf 450v 850vdc Axial Capacitor

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