EQJW Heating controller - sauter-controls. EQJW : Heating controller. Table of contents Symbols used in this manual List of figures

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Quick Links. Download this manual. Table of Contents. Page 2 Sauter Components T Page 3: Table Of Contents Calendar switching programme Page 4 14 Overview of controller settings Page 5: General Information 1 General information 1. The equitherm EQJW is a quality product from one of the leading manufacturers of controls products for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning.

The equitherm EQJW is a compact weather-compensating heating controller with switched outputs to control the flow temperature. Back-up mode means that the heating is switched off. The anti-frost function is active. Sauter Components T Page 7: Input Knob Display of setpoint temperature; flashing: display of actual temperature Display of flow temperature Display of outdoor temperature Display of room temperature Controller is in summer mode Calendar switching programme is currently active An error has occurred see Section 6 Floor-drying operational heating is active Sauter Components T Page 8: Commissioning 3.

The controller is then basically ready to use. However, depending on the particular application, it may be necessary to change more settings after this. Page Ending Manual Mode Some of the parameters cannot be changed - they can only be viewed version number, status information. Page Viewing Service Parameters Turn the input knob; the value for the parameter is changed Push the input knob; the new value is confirmed Push the ESC button to cancel the procedure.

The value is not accepted unless it has already been confirmed. Page Explanations Of Service Parameters SP11 Correction of outdoor temperature The measured value for the outdoor temperature is adjusted with the help of this parameter. The value that is entered is added to the measured value for the outdoor temperature.

Page 14 Valves with a motorised actuator need a certain time known as the valve run-time to open or close completely. Optimal control quality and various protective functions are only ensured if the valve run-time is set correctly.

Page Communication Mode 3. The value will not be accepted unless it has already been confirmed. CP13 Device bus: receive heat requirement If CP 13 is set to 1, the controller receives flow temperature requirement requests from the device bus. The mixer is then controlled to this temperature as a minimum. Page Operation Service level and communication parameters; contains all the other parameters heating characteristic, control parameters, communication settings, etc.

This is mainly needed for commissioning or in case of faults on the plant. Normal mode corresponds to nominal mode as per EN Press the ESC button once to go directly to the time display. Push the input knob again to confirm the changed numerical value. Press the ESC button once before confirming to cancel the input; the old value is retained. Page Weekly Switching Programme Push the input knob; the time for the switching command is confirmed. Turn the input knob; select the mode for the switching command.

Push the input knob; the mode is confirmed. For a change SEt , the rest of the procedure is as described in the Section on 'Entering a switching command'. Page Temporary Temperature Change While the time is running down, the remaining time is shown in days, hours or minutes. After the temporary temperature change has finished, the heating circuit is again controlled in accordance with the automatic mode.

Page Communication Functions Then, this controller sends its system time to the device bus once every 24 hours. This time is adopted by the other controllers. Regardless of the setting of communication parameter CP09, if the time is adjusted on one of the interconnected controllers, it will be adopted by the others.

Page Modbus Communication modem with compression and error correction functions, digital telephone network. Details about the protocol extension are available on request.

Page Modbus Data Points Coils or that the functions are activated as a basic rule nos. If coil register 4 is set, then coil registers 89, 90, 96 and are also set automatically as a result. Page Modem Operation The line between the controller and the modem must not be longer than 1. No guarantee is given of the availability and correctness of these numbers.

Up-to-date information on this subject must be requested from the network operator. Room temperature sensor: If the room sensor fails, the controller operates according to the settings for operation without a room sensor. Page Application Caution: this application requires an additional safety thermostat.

The recommended values have been tried and tested but they are not necessarily the ideal solutions for every plant. No liability is accepted for the values indicated here. Within the specified tolerances, the sensors can be exchanged without calibration.

An interface similar to an RS is used for this purpose. The settings are made in the communication level. Page 43 Software version Page 44 - 44 - Weekly switching programme Print page 1 Print document 44 pages. Cancel Delete. Sign In OR. Don't have an account? Sign up! Restore password. Upload from disk. Upload from URL.


sauter Equitherm EQJW 125 Manuals

Manual zz. Room-temperature connection in conjunction with a room-temperature sensor or remote control unit. Outside temperature transmitted via device bus. Motorised drives connected to valves or control valves 3-pt. Suitable for all types of building. Used in conjunction with Ni temperature sensors.



Quick Links. Download this manual. Table of Contents. Page 2 Sauter Components T

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