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Selectable Range switch on timer sets the maximum time that the potentiometer shown on the right utilizes. Combined with the maximum range selector switch the below Potentiometer on the timer adjusts to your exact requirement. Other resistances available in the M22 potentiometer line but only use the MR10K with the timers. With A1 and B1 either connected together or at the same potential through an external contact.

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Overview Specifications Resources. Alternate Catalog No. EL-Nummer Norway. Delivery program Product range. Basic function. Multi-functional On-delayed Off-delayed Fleeting contact on energization Fleeting contact on de-energization Flashing, pulse initiating On- and Off-delayed Pulse forming Pulse generating.

Number of changeover contacts. Time range. Rated operational current [I e ]. AC [I e ]. AC V [I e ]. Voltage range [U LN ]. Terminal marking according to EN Technical data General. Lifespan, mechanical AC operated [Operations]. Lifespan, mechanical DC operated [Operations]. Climatic proofing.

Ambient temperature Ambient temperature, storage. Ambient temperature Open. Ambient temperature Enclosed. Mounting position. Degree of protection Terminals. Terminal capacities Solid. Terminal capacities Flexible with ferrule.

Terminal capacities Solid or stranded. Rated impulse withstand voltage [U imp ]. Rated insulation voltage [U i ]. Rated operational voltage [U e ]. Safe isolation to EN between coil and auxiliary contacts. Safe isolation to EN between the auxiliary contacts.

Rated operational current [I e ] AC [I e ]. Rated operational current [I e ] DC Note. Making and breaking conditions to DC13, time constant as stated. Short-circuit rating without welding Note. Short-circuit rating without welding Max. Magnet systems. Power consumption Pick-up AC. Power consumption Sealing AC. Power consumption Pick-up DC. Power consumption Sealing DC. Duty factor. Maximum operating frequency. Minimum command time AC.

Minimum command time DC. Repetition accuracy deviation. Contact changeover time [t u ]. Electromagnetic compatibility EMC. Electrostatic discharge ESD applied standard. Electrostatic discharge ESD Air discharge. Electrostatic discharge ESD Contact discharge.

Electromagnetic fields RFI applied standard. Electromagnetic fields RFI. Radio interference suppression. Rated operational current for specified heat dissipation [I n ]. Heat dissipation per pole, current-dependent [P vid ]. Equipment heat dissipation, current-dependent [P vid ]. Static heat dissipation, non-current-dependent [P vs ]. Heat dissipation capacity [P diss ]. Operating ambient temperature min. Operating ambient temperature max. Does not apply, since the entire switchgear needs to be evaluated.

The panel builder is responsible for the temperature rise calculation. Eaton will provide heat dissipation data for the devices. Is the panel builder's responsibility. The specifications for the switchgear must be observed. The device meets the requirements, provided the information in the instruction leaflet IL is observed. Technical data ETIM 7. Type of electric connection.

Function delay-on energization. Function delay on de-energization. Function floating contact on energization. Function floating contact on de-energization. Function star-delta.

Function pulse shaping. Function flashing, starting with pause, fixed time. Function flashing, starting with pulse, fixed time. Clock function, starting with pause, variable. Clock function, starting with pulse, variable. With plug-in socket. Remote operation possible. Suitable for remote control. Pluggable on auxiliary contact block. Rated control supply voltage Us at DC.

Voltage type for actuating. Nominal current. Number of outputs, undelayed, normally closed contact. Number of outputs, undelayed, normally open contact. Number of outputs, undelayed, change-over contact. Number of outputs, delayed, normally closed contact. Number of outputs, delayed, normally open contact. Number of outputs, delayed, change-over contact. With semiconductor output. Suitable for DIN rail top hat rail mounting.

Suitable for front mounting. Approvals Product Standards. UL File No. UL Category Control No. CSA File No. CSA Class No.


Timing relay



031888 ETR4-70-A



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