Fearless Leader. Smashwords Edition. Copyright Tricia Owens. Read other titles by Tricia Owens at. Black steadied his gun arm atop the hood of the electro-craft. Rain dripped steadily from the tip of his weapon and it fell like a curtain of crystals down the front of his helmet.

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By Tricia Owens. JC2 was created by the police to combat violence and drug crimes in the city. Lieutenant Black, an intense man whose past is a mystery but whose hatred of the drug Bliss is not, is the leader of the team.

When the empath Calyx Starr is pulled from the streets and forced onto his team, Black must deal not only with Starr's seductions but a dangerous telepath who has targeted the empath and JC2.

Black steadied his gun arm atop the hood of the electro-craft. Rain dripped steadily from the tip of his weapon and it fell like a curtain of crystals down the front of his helmet.

He was soaked. He'd been in the rain for hours. A part of his body registered that it was growing numb with cold. He told that part to shut up. This is Juxtapose City Unit Two! We have cut off all of the exits. There is nowhere for you to run. Step out slowly with your hands up. Beside him, Jake, his second-in-command, shifted position. Though his knee sank down in a puddle Jake didn't make a sound, his gun a motionless black thing sprouting from his fists.

In the wavering light of a neon sign, Riddy Kingman, smalltime Bliss dealer and frequent thorn in the side of JC2, stepped carefully from beneath the awning of the pawn shop.

The electric blue lighting made his slack features look like poorly molded blue clay. Black's jaw tightened when he saw the dealer's expression. Riddy was high on his own product. Step out further. The drug dealer fell heavily to his knees, nearly toppling over onto the brilliantly sheened asphalt.

A hundred colors danced across the pavement around him as the twinkling lights of Juxtapose City's club district lit up the rain puddles. The virtual-shield that extended from Black's helmet read AM. The late hour and the heavy rain had ensured that there weren't any clubbers still out and he was grateful.

Any earlier and the Blue Square as this area was known would be packed with kids. Ahead, Lucas cleared the directory and cautiously approached the kneeling man.

Max followed, his gun trained on the middle of the drug dealer's forehead. Once close enough, Lucas shoved Riddy to the ground, water splashing up around them. Holstering his weapon, Lucas swiftly began to search the fallen man while Max covered him. The rain began to fall harder, beating like marbles against Black's shoulders. His virtual-shield was equipped with anti-fogging protection but it was growing increasingly difficult to see between the thick rivulets of water that coursed down.

Still, he refused to move. Not even to shake his head to clear it of the offending water. His eyes were riveted to what his men were doing so he didn't miss it when Lucas jerked back from Riddy in alarm. No weapons. The thought shot through Black's head as an afterthought. Riddy wasn't armed and he should be -- he was carrying two hundred tabs of illegal, high-priced Bliss. No one heard him over the explosion. It rocked the street, shattering the windows of the buildings around them and blowing out the glass of the electro-craft behind which Black and Jake crouched.

Black flew backwards through the air as if a rocket had been launched into his stomach. He had no breath to cry out in pain. A single word flew through his head -- stupid -- before he hit the ground and there was nothing. He dodged the first fist but was too groggy to miss the second. Calyx Starr fell back against the headboard, licking the blood that oozed from the corner of his mouth.

Maybe she didn't tell you? Calyx slid from beneath the hands that tried to 'help him' and rolled out of the other side of the bed. Losing his balance, his assailant who was dressed in the black uniform of Juxtapose City police fell face-first onto the rumpled sheets.

Jumping into my bed already? We've only just met, Calyx drawled, laughing slightly. He tossed his waist-length, purple-tinged hair over his shoulders and moved to the closet. What's the hurry this time? Thought you boys took your beauty sleep this time of night. God knows how much you need it. Calyx pulled out silver snakeskin pants and a black mesh top. Captain Dick -- as Calyx liked to call him -- hated when Calyx dressed in his street clothes so Calyx made it a point to do so as often as possible.

He turned slightly, regarding the officer who remained in his bedroom. Do you mind? The officer gave a leering grin, crossing his arms over his chest. Not at all. Curious to see what the big deal is over the captain's psychic fucktoy. His eyes panned Calyx's slender figure.

So far I'm not impressed. Calyx's eyes narrowed until they were shards of emerald. A predatory smile curved his lips. He dropped the clothes and began to pace around the bed that separated him from the other man. His eyes lit on the silver band adorning the man's ring finger. Curious to see what the wife's not giving you?

Ignoring the man's widening eyes, Calyx slid up to him and ran a finger up a tense arm. Wondering what it'd feel like to be on the receiving end of a good, hard-- he licked his lips, -- billy club?

I could show you--". Fuck off, you faggot! His fingers scrabbled at the small flesh-toned patch stuck beneath his ear. He relaxed slightly upon finding it still in place and threw a disgusted look at Calyx.

Get dressed and get your ass down in the craft. Five minutes or I'm strapping you to the hood. Black glared at him and Jake could almost see flames flickering in the other man's multi-hued brown eyes.

Jake sighed, running a hand through his hair. He winced as the movement pulled at his sore ribs. Come on, Black. You're the one with the concussion. I only got a few busted ribs. Nothing to do for those but let 'em heal themselves. Besides, we're only going to watch, right? I don't need you to come along, Black said, moving past him to grab the keys to his motorcycle.

Jake watched him, eyes involuntarily drawn to the pull of black leather over the firm curve of the other man's ass. Black was hot. Jake would never dare say it aloud but it was true. Even moreso since Black didn't seem to care whether he attracted that kind of interest or not. And he attracted a lot. If he wasn't the one currently fucking Black Jake would have his hands full beating off the competition.

His cock stirred as Black bent to refasten a strap on his boot. He smiled ruefully. He'd never taken Black that way and was too afraid to ask, but Black straightened and picked up his helmet. You're staying here with the others, he told Jake, oblivious to the carnal thoughts he was inspiring. Jake heard a touch of desperation creep into his voice. Christ, it's like a wake here.

It's driving me insane.


Fearless Leader: Juxtapose City Book One

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Fearless Leader (Juxtapose City)

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Fearless Leader


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