Many house fires originate when someone is either sleeping or not home. With the invention of such a device, people and property can be saved at a much higher rate with relatively minimal damage caused by the fire. Our task as electrical engineers was to design and build a prototype system that could autonomously detect and extinguish a fire. Also aims at minimizing air pollution.

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Quick Menu. Viet Nam. More Abstracting and Indexing. Dearie, K. Fisher, B. Rajala, and S. Altaf, A. Akbar, and B. Xu, H. Chen, C. Cai, X. Guo, J. Fang, and Z. Undug, M. Arabiran, J. Frades, J. Mazo, and M. December, pp. Hassanein, M. Elhawary, N. Jaber, and M.

Maddukuri, U. Renduchintala, A. Visvakumar, C. Pang, and S. Raju, S. Mohammed, J. Paul, G. John, and Di. Prabha and N. Tulbure, E. Ceuca, and A. Patel and B. August, pp. Bose, M. Mehrez, A. Badawy, W. Ghribi, H. Bangali, and A. Freire, T. Bastos, and V. Peri and D. Lewinger, M. Watson, and R. Aliyu, J. Kolo, O. Mikail, J.

Agajo, B. Umar, and O. Azid, K. Kumar, D. Lal, and B. Noman, M. Chowdhury, H. Rashid, S. Faisal, I. Ahmed, and S. Budianto et al. Diaz, M. Perez, D. Gualda, J. Villadangos, J. Urena, and J. Wen-tian and L. Wentian and L. Kuantama, L. Setyawan, and J. Tayab Noman, M.

Khan, M. Emdadul Islam, and H. October, pp. Berdich and G. Jean and F. Yoon and N. Belgamwar and S. Sinaga and S. Abdul Kader, M. Islam, J. Al Rafi, M. Rasedul Islam, and F. Viet Nam Department of Project Management. DOAJ Search. User Username Password Remember me. Notifications View Subscribe. Abstract A firefighter is a task given by someone or a team to extinguish a fire that occurs when building a building.

The officer took the danger of fighting the fire with a fire engine equipped with a water sprayer. Because of these dangers, a robot was made to help put out the fire. This research aimed to design a fire extinguisher robot using AT89S52 microcontroller as its controller. A DC fan controlled by a relay was utilized to extinguish the fire and a fire sensor UV-Tron was used to detect the presence of fire.

The robot was driven by motor DC. It could detect the surrounding obstacles and possessed an ultrasound-based navigation system.

If the ultrasound system detects an obstacle, the robot will automatically turn without colliding the obstacle or other things around it. The result of the research showed that the proposed fire extinguisher robot can detect fire as far as 5 meters and successfully extinguish the fire.

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Fire Fighting Robot (AT89S52)

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Journal of Robotics and Control (JRC)

Academic Journals Database Disseminating quality controlled scientific knowledge. About Journal list Selection criteria. Fire detection system sometime can not prevent this from happening. Therefore, it is essential to develop a robot that can detect the present of fire as well as extinguish it. This research aimed to design a fire extinguisher robot using AT89S52 microcontroller as its controller. A DC fan controlled by a relay is utilized to put out the fire and a fire sensor UV-Tron is used to detect the presence of fire.

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