Manual zz. Off The unit is off. Flashing Green The unit is starting up. Green The correct cable is in use and the connected equipment has power. Flashing green Network activity at this interface. Off No link established.

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Manual zz. Off The unit is off. Flashing Green The unit is starting up. Green The correct cable is in use and the connected equipment has power. Flashing green Network activity at this interface. Off No link established. Alarm Off Not in use. HDD Flashing green The internal hard drive is in use. Visit these links for more information and documentation for your Fortinet product. All rights reserved. Products mentioned in this document are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.

Provides access to the command line interface CLI. Ethernet Connection to the network. The speed cannot be changed. Ensure the FortiAnalyzer unit is placed on a stable surface. Insert the other end into the management computer. Insert the ethernet cable into WAN1. Insert the other end to the router connected to the Internet, or to the modem. Connect the AC power cable to the Power Supply shipped with this product.

Connect the AC power cable to a surge protected power bar or power supply. Insert the pointed end of the cable tie into the hole in the rear panel of the chassis to anchor the cable tie to the chassis. Loop the loose end around the adapter cable and insert the loose end into the locking latch. Pull the loose end to adjust the tightness of the loop around the adapter cable to prevent cable from being accidentally pulled out the unit.

Use it to configure the administrator password, the interface and default gateway addresses, and the DNS server addresses, add devices for log collection and configure reports.

The CLI is a full-featured management tool. Use it to configure the administrator password, the interface addresses, the default gateway address, and the DNS server addresses.

Configuration changes made with the web-based manager are effective immediately without resetting the FortiAnalyzer unit or interrupting service. The FortiAnalyzer unit has serial port. Use the null modem cable to connect it to your management computer.

To connect to the web-based manager 1. Connect the Port 1 interface of the FortiAnalyzer unit to Ethernet port of the management computer. Use a cross-over Ethernet cable to connect the devices directly. Use straight-through Ethernet cables to connect the devices through a hub or switch.

Configure the management computer to be on the same subnet as the FortiAnalyzer Port 1 interface. To do this, change the IP address of the management computer to Type admin in the Name field and select Login. To configure interfaces 1. Select the edit icon for each interface to configure. Set the IP address and netmask for the interface.

Select OK. To configure a Default Gateway 1. To connect to the FortiAnalyzer unit 1. Start a terminal emulation program such as HyperTerminal on the management computer.

At the login: prompt, type admin and press Enter twice. The login prompt is preceded by the server default host name. Set the IP address and netmask of the Port1 interface. Configure the default gateway.

To restrict access to the FortiAnalyzer unit management account, add password for the admin user account. When powering off the FortiAnalyzer unit, always shut down the unit using the following procedures before disconnecting the power supply. Not following this procedure can increase the risk of damaging the FortiAnalyzer hard disk.

To add the admin user account password 1. For the admin user, select the Change Password icon. Enter a new password in the New Password box. Reenter the password to Confirm Password box. To power off the FortiAnalyzer unit 1.

In the System Operation list, select Shut Down. Once the indicates the shut down procedure has completed, disconnect the FortiAnalyzer unit from the power source. Shutting down the FortiAnalyzer unit using the CLI Enter the following command at the prompt: execute shutdown Training Services Fortinet Training Services provides classes that orient you quickly to your new equipment, and certifications to verify your knowledge level. Fortinet provides a variety of training programs to serve the needs of our customers and partners world-wide.

FortiAnalyzer QuickStart Guide. Fortinet Communication Ports and Protocols. FortiAnalyzer 5. Transparent Mode - Fortinet Document Library. Download PDF advertisement. Its a community-based project which helps to repair anything.


Fortinet FortiAnalyzer 100c Faz-100c Network Security Monitoring 1tb HD

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Fortinet FAZ-100C FortiAnalyzer-100C Network Security Monitoring Appliance

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AMS 5844 PDF

Fortinet introduces new FortiManager, FortiAnalyzer and FortiMail hardware platforms

Fortinet provides very good performing devices for small and medium sized businesses; however these are desktop models. These days business move to 19 inch racks and the new FortiRack kits are excellent to fit Fortinet devices into 19 inch cabinets. The FortiRack kit is an excellent add-on to place your high performance FortiGate in a 19 inch rack. On top of that it brings the essential console and network connections to the front! For the FortiGate 80C and 60B 3 or 4 of the internal connections are available depending on your choice to have the console connection on the front or not. Assembly will take about 5 minutes.

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