NOREL is an innovative company whose business is focused on the development, manufacture and marketing of additives and raw materials for animal nutrition. After more than 2 years of research we came with a new and unique production process leading to the development of Gustor BP In this product, fat and sodium butyrate are part of the same matrix. This is different from coating technology. This also ensures a gradual release along the digestive tract while coated products are liberated in the last parts of the gut. Gustor BP has shown it is active at 3 levels: 1 Increases development of villi growth promoter effect , 2 maintenance of colonic barrier integrity effective against pathogens such as Salmonella , and 3 immune-modulating properties.

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News 15 Dec last update Jan In order to achieve such development, nowadays, aquaculture is facing a number of challenges. Nutritionists must focus not only on nutritional specifications but also on promoting digestive health. Several publications have addressed the effects of short change fatty acids SCFA and their salts on the health and performance of farm animals.

These SCFA are commonly known by their specific antimicrobial activity, however the effects of SCFA go beyond modification of gut microflora, and other benefits such as improved digestive enzyme activity, increased pancreatic secretion, enhanced development of intestinal epithelium and intestinal barrier integrity, or anti-inflammatory properties, have been described and attributed to likely causes of enhanced performance, particularly when supplementing butyric acid in its sodium salt form.

In a recent trial conducted in a commercial shrimp farm in Honduras, Central America, Gustor BP70 protected sodium butyrate was tested to determine the effect of the additive in performance parameters. FCR was also influenced by the addition of BP70 being 2, in the control ponds and 1, in the BP70 supplemented group. Gustor BP70 positively influenced animals' performance and in addition their health status was boosted as the higher survival rate reflects.

The combination of those parameter resulted in better economic results. To comment, login here Or register to be able to comment. Stay up-to-date Spanish animal nutrition company Norel conducted a trial in a shrimp farm to determine the efficacy of Gustor BP70, results showed that is positively boosted performance and health status. Source: Norel.

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GUSTOR BP-70 and broiler performance

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Efficacy of Gustor BP70 in aquaculture

Serving the information needs of more than 90, aquafeed professionals in more than countries, since Estensoro et al. In the first trial T1 , the best dose 0. The latter was complemented with 0.


Effect of using Gustor BP70 on commercial broiler farms


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