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The divine song "Harivarasanam" or Hari Haratmaka Ashtakam is sung when the sanctorum sanctuary of Sabarimala Ayyappa shrine closes the night. The emotions of the Ayyappa devotees at Sabarimala have no explanation when they hear Harivarsanam at Sanctorium.

The entire region will be filled with Sarana Manthra and every believer will feel the presence of Lord Ayyappa in his minds. Melshanti and the other priests stand on either side of the Ayyappa idol and recite the Harivarasanam. Although this was done one by one, the priests left the Sanctorum Sanctum without making any noise.

When the song is sung halfway, the high Priest or Melshanti extinguishes each of the lamps of the Sanctorum shrine. When the song ends, only the Melshanti will be inside the Sreekovil or sacred sanctuary. When the last line is sung, the main priest closes the door of the Sanctorum Sanctum and closes it. At present, the temple plays the Harivarasanam recital of the singer and a strong Ayyappa devout "Ganagandharvan" K.

The music is composed at Madhyamavathi Raga by the famous musical director G. The composition has letters, words in 32 lines 8 stanzas. One who is seated on the supreme Simhasana. One who enchants the Universe. One whose holy feet is worshipped by Surya. One who kills the enemies of good thought and who enacts cosmic dance every day. One whose mind gladdens on hearing Sharana Gosham,One who is a great ruler of the Universe, One who loves to dance, One who shines in the rising Sun, One who is the master of all beings, Oh Hariharaputra Deva, I take refuge in you Ayyappa, I take refuge in you Ayyappa.

One who has a pretty face One who rides a horse,One who has a pretty face,One who has the blessed mace as weapon,One who bestows grace like a teacher,One who loves songs,Son of Hari and Hara,I take refuge in you Ayyappa, I take refuge in you Ayyappa.

One who is worshiped by the three worlds,One who is the soul of all gods,One who is the lord of Shiva,One who is worshipped by devas,One who is who is worshipped three times a day,One whose thought is fulfilling,Son of Hari and Hara I take refuge in you Ayyappa, I take refuge in you Ayyappa.

One who destroys fear,One who brings prosperity,One who is enchanter of universe,One who wears holy ash as ornament,One who rides a white elephant,Son of Hari and Hara,I take refuge in you Ayyappa, I take refuge in you Ayyappa. One who blesses with enchanting smile,One who has is very pretty,One who is adorned by sandal paste,One who has a pretty mien,One who is a like a lion to the elephants,One who rides on a tiger,Son of Hari and Hara,I take refuge in you Ayyappa,I take refuge in you Ayyappa.

One who is dear to his devotees,One who fulfills wishes,One who is praised by Vedas,One who blesses life of ascetics,One who is the essence of Vedas,One who enjoys divine music,Son of Hari and Hara,I take refuge in you Ayyappa, I take refuge in you Ayyappa. Click here to post a comment. Related Posts.



Yesudas of a musical version composed by G. Devarajan for the film Swami Ayyappan The authorship is contested, and can be ascribed to either Kambangudi Kulathur Srinivasa Iyer in , or Konnakathu Janaki Amma who had seemingly written stanzas of the song in the s. Notably the tradition of singing the song as an urakku paattu lullaby after the Athazha Puja evening worship , can be attributed to the story of VR Gopala Menon and V Eshwaran Namboothiri. Sabarimala is located in the deep jungle area, and in the past a few pious devotees managed the difficult pilgrimage. The temple opens during the pilgrimage season November to January and also on the first day of every Malayalam month.


Harivarasanam lyrics in Hindi and Meaning | Famous Lord Ayyappa Slokam

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