These are the most common protocols used , I have tested more or less all of them:. Some have individual inputs to enable each coin or bill channel. On coin hoppers there is an input that runs the hopper motor and an output that send a pulse for each coin paid. This can be problematic on higher value bills or coins, for a Eur bill pulses must be sent , the probability that an error occur is pretty high.

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Content Stubs. Abstract Art Maker Web Application. Make artwork from some random variables. The size of the image is the same as your display resolution.

Press "S" to save the image in a new tab. Try it out! Bracelet Maker Web Application. Web application to make custom 3D printed bracelets Try it out! Etsy Store - Fantastic Gadgets. Online store selling 3D printed objects and unique electronics. Resumatic Web Application. Web application to create and update a nice-looking graphical resume. Cutter attachment for Rostock Max 3d Printer. Mouting system for a Mimaki Cutting blade holder. Designed for Rostock Max.

Download on Thingiverse. Blade used. Communicates using ID protocol. Arduino Mega required. Funded by Frank L. Download Video Wiring Diagram. An attempt to improve on the limitations of Thingiverse Customizer. May emulate all functionality in the future. Try it out. Added 5V USB power to replace batteries.

The switch wires were joined to permanently to stay on. Arduino Bill Acceptor. Accepts USD bills. USB Beard Trimmer. The transformer for my Remington MB broke. The trimmer requires 5. The power ratings are similar enough to charge via 5V USB port. Three Way Light Switch. A computer with a transceiver and the light switch work to toggle the light. This project is a retrofit because the electrical box only has two wires for load.

A smart switch needs power all the time. A 9V to 12v power supply powers the electronics. Laser Security Trip Wire. An alert is triggered when the laser beam is broken. Turns on and off thousands of times per second at a specific duty cycle to dim a LED desk lamp.

Video , Source code. Radio Media Remote. Remote control for playing music. Fine Adjustment Potentiometer Box. Varies between 20 Ohm to 1. Laser Cutter Upgrade for 3D Printer. Weather Station. Solar powered outdoor weather station. Measures temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, light.

Added rain gauge, rain drop sensor, and snow depth sensor. Source: Sender , Receiver , Service ; Screenshot. Set Card Game Solver. This is a computer program written in Java that solves the card game "Set" Daily Puzzle. Video , Source Code. Quad Helping Hand for Soldering. Added two arms. Each aligator clip is enclosed with heat shrink tubing so the teeth don't mar the wire or PCB.

Video Demonstration. Bitcoin Tax Analysis. Calculates the tax on all Bitcoin transactions. Continuous Ink Supply System. Ink reservoir system, replaces cartridges. Only refilled three of six cartridges after two years and over pages. Kit on ebay. Autonomous Vehicle Simulator.

Simulates computer controlled vehicles. Java Applet Demo.


Serial pulse protocol







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