He is remembered today for a single tune, the familiar " Jalousie ", also known as Jalousie 'Tango Tzigane' and Tango Jalousie. He belonged to a family of musicians. His grandfather and his father used to go around the nearby villages to play at all kinds of parties. And it was natural that, from an early age, he also began to play and was another member of the musical group.

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In the Palads Theatre in Copenhagen was the natural choice when the new Zorro film with the superstar Douglas Fairbanks in the title role was to have its Danish premiere. The sheet music was published both in Denmark and internationally, and the gramophone and radio made all the difference; innumerable orchestras, violinists and conductors have dipped into the score in the course of time.

He took his inspiration from a newspaper article about a gruesome jealousy killing, and according to himself he wrote the tango down in the course of just a few hours. But then Jacob Gade was a man with almost 35 years of practical experience as a musician, conductor and self-taught composer.

Jacob Gade was born in Vejle, Denmark, in His father was a traditional musician, and he also sold musical instruments. But the music of the capital exerted its attraction — and Jacob Gade moved to Copenhagen at the early age of He had 80 kroner in his pocket, and at first made ends meet by playing in sleazy dives.

Gade had to fend for himself, and by the time he was 18 he was conductor of a small, modest orchestra at the hostelry Sommerlyst in Holmbladsgade. Later he advanced to become bandleader at theatres like the Bristol, the Phoenix and the Dagmar.

In the Great War was over, and there was again a chance to travel abroad. Like so many others, Gade sought his fortune in the promised land of the USA, where he both managed to play in the large orchestra of the newly opened Capitol movie house with room for a dizzying spectators, and also with the New York Philharmonic itself with the conductor Wilhelm Mengelberg.

But as early as Gade returned to Denmark — with experiences and impressions from the American entertainment industry that he planned to exploit in Copenhagen. Skip to main content. Select currency. Recordings Upcoming recordings Artists News.

Tango Jalousie. Track listing Liner notes Credits Stream Buy album. Jacob Gade. Vienna Philharmonic, Sakari Oramo. Buy album Stream. FLAC 16bit CD Quality. FLAC 24bit Studio Master. Jacob Gade Vienna Philharmonic. MP3 mp3 kbps. Release date:. June Track count:. Gade: Tango jalousie - Single. Add to cart.


Jalousie 'Tango Tzigane'

Jalousie is a tango written by Danish composer Jacob Gade in Its full title is Jalousie 'Tango Tzigane' Jealousy 'Gypsy Tango' and it soon became popular around the world and is today a classic in the modern songbook. The composer claimed that the mood of the piece had been inspired by his reading a sensational news report of a crime of passion, and 'jealousy' became fixed in his mind. Gade was principal conductor of the piece orchestra of the Palads Cinema in Copenhagen at the time he composed the piece. The first recording was made in by the Boston Pops Orchestra , conducted by Arthur Fiedler , on the Victor label.


Tango Jalousie


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