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What is one of the worst things that could happen in your life? Being in such state makes you feel less fruitful and needed. Once upon a time, Larry was one of us—fleeting in a vast space of nothingness.

But what makes him different is that even when he was still young, he already felt or recognized the insignificance.

It went on for quite a while that he felt hopeless, depressed, and desperate. At seventeen, he took himself on a journey of discovery of others and of self.

He started asking that powerful question: how did the others do it? By observation, practice, and proper implementation, he gradually inched his way from darkness toward the light. He started working on a routine job such as selling fire extinguishers or playing drums for some rock bands to eventually running his own corporation.

It lets you achieve not only success but also satisfaction in everything you do. Now Larry could have tucked this discovery onto himself and use it for his own monetary gain. Instead, it propelled him to reach out to more people that he could ever imagine.

Larry started writing and publishing books with topics that hit people to the core. So far, he has sold over a million copies of his books. He has converted these into CDs and audiobooks as well. This way, you can have the chance to listen to the message while multistasking or while traveling on the road.

He hosted an ABC-affiliated television show every week and a radio program every day. He has traveled across the states and over multiple countries, delivering the same message he had received several years ago: you can find meaning and success and be absolutely happy and fulfilled.

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Larry Diangi



Finding Your Purpose with Larry DiAngi


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