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ND Industries offers the broadest range of top quality self-locking, self-sealing processing methods and fasteners available today for military Mil-Spec , aerospace, and commercial applications.

At ND, we will apply virtually any of our products to your fasteners at one of our regional service centers or supply you with pre-processed fasteners. When choosing an NAS fastener supplier there are many options online, but they are not all of the same caliber. We do not make the fastener but instead source blank stock from reputable manufacturers with all the necessary travelers and documentation which reduces additional work you would need to do in-house and gives you one point of contact for traceability.

As a manufacturer of pre-applied products, we convert blank stock into your required NAS part as needed. The pre-applied processes listed below cover the three main groups used for NAS. The ND Patch process makes threaded fasteners of all sizes and configurations self-locking and self-sealing, while leaving them fully adjustable.

ND Patch is completely dry and fused to the fastener, requiring no curing time after installation. Its internal strength and resiliency remain high, even after repeated uses.

A special, tough nylon plug, inserted into a drilled hole, which makes any threaded fastener self-locking and self-sealing while leaving it fully adjustable. Its high internal strength and resiliency help resist deformation after repeated use. Ideal for military and commercial fasteners, ND Strip performs well in both high and low temperature extremes. Its compressibility, resiliency, and strength allow repeated removals or adjustments. ND maintains more than 2, line items in its Aerospace Fastener Inventory.

Many of these items are complete with self-locking, allowing for immediate shipment. All items are inspected and certified. NAS Fasteners, male threaded, self-locking.

MS Fasteners, externally threaded, self-locking. The normal coating length of the Patch is four to six threads. Special Patch location and coating length can be specified for specific applications. ND offers a wide array of stocked parts with or without locking elements. We can also modify any part to become self-locking or sealing. Use the table below to search for parts in our inventory system before ordering. Why Source with ND? Document Links.

Locking Element Types As a manufacturer of pre-applied products, we convert blank stock into your required NAS part as needed. NAS Setscrews - Ck. Bolt, Cres. MS Pan Hd. Bolt, Cres MS 12 Pt. Hex Hd. MS Hex Hd. ND Patch. ND Strip. ND Pell-it. Kel-F ND Strip. Kel-F ND Pell-it. Machine-Flat Fillister Hd.








Item # NAS1189-08P12L, Self Locking Screw - NAS1189-08P12L


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