In the verses of the Stotram lie stories about various great acts of the Mahadeva. The famous and oft-repeated Sanskrit shloka Asiti girisamam Along with the kinnar nymphs , yaksha archangels , apsara celestial dancers etc. They are not necessarily spiritually realised, but are superior to humans. Pushpadanta literally, Flower-Teethed was a divine musician of such standing, in the court of Lord Indra King of the Gods.

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Introduction, transliteration, and translation by. Devendraray V. Bhatt and S. Introduction :. The legend about the circumstances leading to the composition of this Stotra is as follows. A king named Chitraratha had constructed a nice garden. There were beautiful flowers in this garden. These flowers were used every day by the king in worshipping Lord Shiva.

One day a Gandharva Singer in the court of Indra, the Lord of the Heaven named Pushhpadanta being fascinated by the beautiful flowers, began to steal them, as a consequence of which king Chitraratha could not offer flowers to Lord Shiva. He tried very hard to capture the thief, but in vain, because the Gandharvas have divine power to remain invisible. The Shiva Nirmaalya is considered holy.

The thief Pushhpadanta, not knowing this, walked on the Shiva Nirmaalya, and by that he incurred the wrath of Lord Shiva and lost the divine power of invisibility. He then designed a prayer to Lord Shiva for forgiveness.

In this prayer he sung the greatness of the Lord. Lord Shiva became pleased by this StotraM, and returned Pushhpadanta's divine powers. The legend has some basis since the name of the author is mentioned in verse number 38 of the stotraM. The recital of this stotra is very beneficial, and Shri Ramakrishna, one of the famous saints of the nineteenth century, went into samadhi just by reciting a few verses from this hymn.

Let its recitation be beneficial to you as well! O, Lord Shiva, remover of all types of miseries, what wonder is there, if the prayer to you, chanted by one who is ignorant about your greatness, is worthless!

Because, even the utterance speech of Brahmaa and other gods is not able to fathom your merits ie, greatness. Hence, if persons with very limited intellect and I am one of them try to offer you a prayer, their attempt deserve your special favour. If it is so, I should not be a exception. Hence, thinking like this I begin this prayer. O, Great God, so great is your majesty that it cannot be reached by speech and mind. Who can praise this type of greatness of yours?

With how many qualities is it composed? Whose subject of description can it be? And yet even then whose mind and speech are not attached to your this new Saguna form?

O, Paramaatmaa Greatest Soul , as you are the very creator of speech of the Vedas, which is like highest type of nectar and as sweet as honey, how can even the speech of Brahaspati Guru, or spiritual guide of gods surprise you? O, Destroyer of Three Cities of the demons, thinking that my speech may become purified by this act, my intellect Buddhi has become prepared to sing your greatness.

O, Giver of Boons, your greatness is the cause of creation, maintenance, and destruction of the whole universe; this is supported by three Vedas ie, Rigveda, Yajurveda, and Saamaveda ; it is distributed in the three qualities ie, Satva, Rajas and Tamas and three bodies of Brahmaa, VishhNu and Mahesha.

Such is your greatness but certain stupid persons in this world are trying to destroy it by slander, which may be delightful to them but is really undelightful. If the Paramaatmaa the Greatest Soul creates the three worlds ie, thewhole Universe , what is his gesture?

What is his body? What is his plan? What is his basis support? What are his means instruments,resources? These are the useless questions raised by some stupid critics, in order to mislead people, against one i. Was the birth of the Universe independent of its Lord ie, You? If it was so, then what were the means by which it was created that the stupid critics are creating doubts about you?

O, Giver of the Boons, the bull, the parts of a cot, chisel, the elephant-skin, Ashes, the serpent, the skull : these are the articles of your house-hold. And yet gods get all their riches merely by the movement of your eye-brows. Brahma and VishhNu wanted to measure your wealth i. You took the form of Fire and your whole body was a column of fire extending over space.

While Brahma took the form of a swan and flew high to see the top head , VishhNu took the form of a boar and dug up downwards to see the bottom feet. Neither could succeed. While VishhNu confessed the truth, Brahma falsely claimed that he had found the top and persuaded the Ketaki flower to bear false witness. Shiva punished Brahma by removing one of his 5 heads and ordered that henceforth the Ketaki flower should not be used for his worship.

When ultimately both praised you with full devotion and faith, you stood before them revealing your normal form. O, mountain-dweller, does not toeing your line always bear fruit?

Oh,destroyer of the three cities! Ravana could not find rest or peace even in the nether-world. Surely, power maddens the wicked. Finally RavaNa reestablished his faith in you. Oh boon-giver! BaaNa, the demon king made all the three worlds serve him with all their attendants and even the greatest wealth of Indra was a trifle for him. The gods as well as the demons were stunned at the prospect of the entire universe coming to an end, O, three-eyed lord, who is ever compassionate and engaged in removing the fear of the world, you took it poison on yourself by consuming it.

It is strange that this stain in your neck, though appearing to be a deformity, actually adds to your richness and personality. However O, master! Insulting, masters who have controlled their senses , does one no good. You dance for protecting the world, but strangely, your glorious act appears to produce the opposite result in that the earth suddenly struck by your dancing feet doubts that it is coming to an end; even VishhNu's domain is shaken in fear when your mace like arms bruise the planets; the godly region feels miserable when its banks are struck by your agitated matted locks of hair!

The divine river flows extensively through the sky and its charm is enhanced by the illumination of the foam by the groups of stars. Brought down to the earth by the King Bhagiratha by propitiating Lord Shiva and known as Ganga it creates many islands and whirlpools on the earth. The same turbulent river appears like a mere droplet of water on your head.

This itself shows how lofty and divine your body form is! Why this demonstrative show when you as the dictator of everything, could have done the job as a trifle? The Lord's greatness is not dependent on anybody or anything. Otherwise how can there be future result for a past action? All the same,O Protector. Daksha did not invite Shiva and insulted him greatly; thus enraged, Shiva destroyed the sacrifice and Daksha too. O, Protector! Once Brahma became infatuated with his own daughter.

Even today he stands frightened by you. O, destroyer of the three cities! O,boon giver! O,destroyer of Cupid! Your body is smeared with the ashes of the dead bodies. Every aspect of your character is thus inauspicious. Let it be. It does not matter. Because, with all these known oddness, you are quick to grant all auspicious things to the people who just think of you.

This dichotomy etc. The great yogis regulate their breath, control and still their mind, look inward and enjoy the bliss with their hair standing on edge and eyes filled with tears of joy.

It looks as though they are immersed in nectar. That bliss which they see in their heart and exult thus, is verily you Yourself! However, utsa. It may as well be some printer's mistake originally which got reprinted in newer books.

You are the Self which is omnipresent. Thus people describe in words every attribute as yours. On the other hand, I do not know any fundamental principle or thing or substance, which you are not!

O, grantor of refuge and protection! It refers to you yourself both through the individual letters as well as collectively; in the latter form i. O, destroyer of Cupid! O, the three-eyed one! Salutations to you, who is the forest-lover, the nearest and the farthest; the minutest and the biggest, the oldest and the youngest; salutations to you who is everything and beyond everything! Again salutations to you in the name of Shiva in as much as you are beyond the above-mentioned three qualities and are the seat of the supreme bliss.

O, boon-giver! I was very perplexed to sing your praise considering my little awareness and afflicted mind vis-a-vis your ever increasing limitless quality; however, my devotion to you made me set aside this diffidence and place these floral lines at your feet. O, great master!


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