Quick Links. See also: Service Manual. Multi Channel AV. Table of Contents. Troubleshooting Troubleshooting troubleshooting guide Sony high definition digital receiver operating guide 28 pages.

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Estimated wait for next available agent :. For Tech Support, call Shop all Sony Home Theater Receivers. Please confirm that this adapter will work with the stereo you intend to use.

Can't find your exact vehicle? Find products that fit. You'll get crisp, detailed picture quality and room-rocking multichannel sound for your movies and TV shows, as well as music and video games. High-def HDMI switching and simplified system operation The 'DH's p-compatible HDMI switching lets you hook up four high-definition video components and switch among them easily, while maintaining crystal clear picture and sound. Just press play on the remote, and watch as the receiver, television, and disc player all automatically power up and switch to the appropriate settings.

Easy and accurate setup Sony's auto calibration makes home theater setup quick, simple, and accurate. Just plug in the included microphone, place it in your favorite seat, and the 'DH automatically adjusts the volume and delay settings for each speaker in your system.

The result is precise, well-balanced home theater sound, custom-tailored for your specific room and speakers. Sony includes a special digital processing mode to enhance the sound of MP3s and other compressed music files. Shop our selection of HDMI cables. Average review: 5 reviews. Thanks for taking the time to share your experiences with other customers. Please see our review guidelines for help and information.

By submitting this review, you agree to our terms and review guidelines. Surround Modes: The Sony STR-DH home theater receiver incorporates a wide variety of surround modes to bring you maximum enjoyment from your audio and video software. The surround modes include:. Auto Calibration: The STR-DH is equipped with Digital Cinema Auto Calibration Technology which uses the included microphone to automatically check the speaker connections, adjust the speaker output levels, calculate the distance from each speaker to the listening position, and distinguish frequency characteristics of each speaker.

The microphone has an 18' cord attached that plugs into the microphone input on front of the receiver and has a threaded insert on the bottom so it can be mounted to a tripod. Manual Speaker Setup: The Manual Speaker Setup menu allows you to set the size, distance from your seating position, and location of the speakers connected to the receiver.

The following adjustments are available:. Manual Level Adjustment: The receiver also employs a Test Tone or Phase Audio level adjustment which allows you to adjust the speaker levels manually while listening to an audible tone or 2-channel source from your listening position.

You can adjust each speaker's level, including the subwoofer level. Dynamic Range Compressor: This feature allows you to compress the dynamic range of the sound track. Effect Level: The Effect Level feature lets you adjust the presence of the surround effect for soundfields selected with the Movie or Music mode or Headphone Theater mode.

You can choose from Minimum effect, Standard effect or Maximum effect. Digital Inputs: The receiver has three optical digital inputs and one coaxial digital input. You can choose auto decoding or PCM for the digital audio inputs. All the digital audio jacks will support 32 kHz, Three of the 4 digital inputs are assignable, while one of the optical digital inputs is dedicated for TV.

Note: When you connect components to both digital and analog audio input jacks on the receive, you can fix the audio input mode to either of them, or switch from one to the other, depending on the type of material you intend to watch. If you are only connecting a 5. Sleep Timer: The unit may be set to automatically turn off after 30, 60, 90, or minutes. The receiver's HDMI inputs and output also support x.

When you need a higher sound quality, connect your component to the receiver's HDMI 3 input. HD Component Video: This unit features three component video inputs and a component video monitor output. These jacks feature an 80 MHz bandwidth, making them capable of passing high-definition video signals. Note: The receiver does not convert video signals.

It can only output the same type of signals that it receives. There are no S-Video jacks. When activated, the delay can be adjusted from 0 to ms in 10 ms increments. Night Mode: This function allows you to retain a theater like environment at low volumes.

When watching a movie late a night, you will be able to hear the dialogue clearly even at a low volume level. This function can be used with other soundfieds. In addition to preset and auto tuning, stations can be tuned directly by frequency. Station and Source Naming: Each preset station and program source may be given an index name of up to 8 characters.

You can change the factory settings of the input buttons on the remote to suit the components in your system. You can connect the following adapters sold separately.

You can store up to 30 Sirius channels as presets. S-AIR technology is designed for wireless radio transmission 2. SpeakerCompare simulates the sound of home and car speakers through your headphones. It lets you compare sonic characteristics between speakers so that you can make a more informed shopping decision.

It includes a pair of studio-quality headphones, a combination DAC digital-to-analog converter and headphone amp, USB mobile adapters, and a guide to getting the most out of your session.

SpeakerCompare is protected by patents and patent applications owned by Crutchfield Corporation. Close contact box. Due to high demand, our current wait times for calls and chats are longer than usual. Call See our hours See our hours Our hours 7 days a week. Connect ID. What is Connect ID? Call us at Your advisor will be able to share relevant pages and add items to your cart. Your security and privacy are ensured. Our advisors cannot see anything that is on your computer. They only have the ability to "serve" a page from our site and put items in your cart.

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Sony STR-DH800

Estimated wait for next available agent :. For Tech Support, call Shop all Sony Home Theater Receivers. Please confirm that this adapter will work with the stereo you intend to use. Can't find your exact vehicle? Find products that fit.


Sony STR-DH800 review

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Sony STR-DH800 Manual


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