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However, the flipside of reading in this manner is that while one is protected from truly awful books One Night at a Call Centre , anyone? All of the above is just to make clear my reasons for reading and reviewing The In eligible Bachelors by Ruchita Misra.

Kasturi is keen to be the young, ambitious career-woman, with no time for romantic dalliances, but her mother has other ideas. Kasturi herself, however, is falling head over heels in love with her boss Rajeev, and he seems to reciprocate her feelings. It then becomes a question of how she can convince her mother to let her marry Rajeev. Along the way, Kasturi and her friends Varun and Ananya have a number of adventures, including office PPT disasters, a road accident and kidnap and assault.

Misra has thrown in any number of office gags, romantic scenes and twists in order to keep the reader hooked, and it works. I finished the book in one sitting, because I really wanted to know exactly how Kasturi finds the true love of her life. I already knew who it was going to be — that became pretty obvious in one of the early chapters.

As a new recruit, she naturally dreams about successfully handling major responsibilities and rising fast to the top of the ladder. After all, the same story has been used a number of times by other writers and filmmakers. What I will complain about is the execution. The book is all froth, with no real substance beneath it. And that is exactly what happens. But the biggest irritant for me was the tone of the book. I looked at his handsome face. I saw his eyes follow an attractive looking girl walking past us.

We were again standing near India Gate, the sky was a dark shade of inky blue with stars twinkling all over. Who writes diary entries that begin like that, with a quote? This is the opening of a story chapter! Another diary entry is from a discotheque.

So on November 13, at 9 pm, she writes about her friends inviting her to a discotheque. Then at pm she writes that she is in the hallway outside her room. At pm, her heart stops beating for a second because she thinks she sees someone familiar. At pm, she hears a girl squealing.

At pm, she hears the girl giggle. At pm, she sees a singular sight and is shocked into silence. At she clears her throat before she addresses the couple she has caught in flagrante delicto.

Misra should have avoided this format. Diary entries in fiction can be tricky, and should only be attempted by an accomplished writer Bram Stoker did this wonderfully in Dracula. It could have done with tighter editing, and a more insight, but at least it takes only about four hours to finish. If you feel four hours is a lot, then avoid this book. But if you enjoy fluffy, no-brainer sort of fiction, by all means read it.

In fact, from the reader reviews I checked on Goodreads. That should be welcome news to Ruchita Misra. Participate now to get free books! Thanks for the review. Having said that, I could use some brainless fluff…. Wow, Liz!

Thanks a lot! I have been following it frm quiet some time now. But for the 1st time felt the urge to leave a reply. Having just recently read this book and too lazy to write a review on my own blog wud leave a small something here.

The reason i felt the urge to reply was that i have been writing a journal since i was in class 7th. And when u ask who writies diary enteries in this way.. You remeber the conversations so vividly when u flip through your diary.

I managed to finish the book in 4 hours flat and felt good. Should nt be read by people lookin for litreary masterpieces! Hi Smriti! I agree that writing it like that does make it seem livelier and more interesting for when you want to flip through your diary later in life. However, I did find the artificiality of the structure jarring.

Still, I admit that I might have been presumptuous in saying that nobody writes like that! Yes, it certainly should not be read by people who ONLY want constructive reading material or literary masterpieces. This book is not for them. And thank you so much for finally commenting! So nice of u 2 have replied so soon.

U have a very tuf job of keepin the reader hooked till the end. Even wid a predictbl story she has dne a great job. I agree…It is difficult to keep readers hooked till the end and a writer is justified in using any style possible to achieve that.

But I would still say that Misra needs a little more help in this matter. I have no doubt that she is committed to writing and that she works hard at it, but I think some good editorial guidance will help her a lot! And thank you for your kind words! But no!

Though you are being diplomatic with the review. No, no…not really being diplomatic. And at least the book is encouraging people to read! Ahh the ineligible Bachelors haters have teamed up i guess! The author must be boilin readin both the reviews;. But the bestsellin author must be too busy sorting out her film offers as the news papers have reported.

But come on guys dont u think u r bein too harsh on the new author?? Had started reading the book , though couldn finish it as my sister snatched away the book. I loved the mother daughter interactions. Really cant say much about the ending as i have not read it but the rest seemed to be nice humorous easy read. And the blurb dosent promise any thing more than that. I have nothing against her, I merely offer some constructive criticism. I hope everyone takes it in the right spirit! Your review is quiet a fair one!

You wrote what u felt! U have the right to love or hate a book! Found mr arvinds review a bit disturbing to be frank! And since i have read the book i know its not baad atall! My sis just loves the book! I too liked it a lot! I googled for the reviews for the book and could relate more with the other reviews! Like you, my TBR list is gargantuan, and so even though I love the genre formerly known as chick lit, which this seems to be, happy to give it a pass.

Thanks for what seems to be a very fair review, not slamming the author, but not glossing over the rough spots. I have hate comments plastered all over my post. Why does everyone have to have to like a book? Just having a discussion.

This country is open to that I believe? N dere is dis particular instance whr u wonder hw she may hav managd to cram in sumthin at a tense time.

If u notic d disc scene, she frst pens down exctly aftr catchin rajeev a description of exctly wat happend. Its only d next entry dat deals wid her hyperventilating, wen in an actual circumstanc u frst wud put omigod i cnt belv dis happend to me, ill die, ill blah, ill blah n den xplain y. Wrote a review of d book too n sore losers hav certainly ensured spammin in evry secn comment wich is y i decided to put it on flipkart n uRead as wel.

I hope u do it too so ppl end up making a more educated choice n nt cult out of trash! Thanks for the comment, Sadiya! You make a very good point…one should actually be posting these reviews on Flipkart and URead.

I always find it helpful when there are reader reviews on these sites. You are commenting using your WordPress.


Ruchita Misra

Kasturi Shukla is a fresh MBA graduate with a great job in hand. She is also geeky and single at twenty-four. Or perhaps she can follow her wildly beating heart that seems to be set on the Greek God incarnate that her boss, Rajeev sir, is? With office buddies Ananya and Varun by her side, the hilariously fumbling Kasturi embarks on a rip-roaring journey to find Mr Right. It is also an invaluable lesson in love, family and friendship.


The (In)Eligible Bachelors

Arranged marriages are complicated things. So are mothers. And so are relationships. Kasturi Shukla is a fresh MBA graduate with a great job in hand.


The (In) eligible Bachelors

She was awarded the Awadh Samman [4] [5] in for her contribution to the field of literature by the Government of Uttar Pradesh and Zee Tv. Ruchita Misra was born and brought up in Lucknow. She did her schooling from La Martiniere Lucknow [7] [8] and was academically very successful. She did her B.


Book extract: The (In)eligible Bachelors


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