Its total area is The Biebrza Marshes are the most precious part of the park. Biebrza National Park protects vast and relatively untouched fenlands with a unique variety of several communities of plants, rare wetland birds and mammals such as Elk and Beaver and other animals. In the park was designated as a wetland site of worldwide significance and is under the protection of the Ramsar Convention. Since

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We do our best, but some information may be not updated yet. In the vicinity of the village of Brzostowo and Chyliny you can spot a massive bird migration in spring time. Then, it reaches the Field Educational Center — a net of wooden board and view towers. Not far from here there is also a campsite, rooms for rent and kayak rental. The trail starts near the ruins of the 2. Fort of the Osowiec Stronghold. After m you cross the wooden bridge over Biebrza river. Further it leads towards the headquarters of the Biebrza National Park with Tourist Information and visitors certre.

One goes south-eastwards between the Osowiec rail station and the military area. Follow the dirt road along the moat on the left till you reach the crossroads with the asphalt road. Next the trail continues to the village of Rutkowszczyzna and Trzyrzeczki, passes nice mixed woods and reaches village of Kamienna Nowa and Kamienna Stara. After ,7 km the trail ends in Lipsk - center of painted Eastern eggs. Trail passes nice, traditional landscape and small villages up to the main road between Knyszyn and Tykocin.

There it turns right towards Tykocin, passes Narew river and ends at the Stefan Czarnecki square. In Tykocin you can find objects of cultural heritage: old church, synagogue and other buildings. Tourists will have difficulty walking this trail at that time. On the trail you can admire interesting fragments of rised bog. It finishes at trail junction the end of green trail. Next, the trail continues towards Kopytkowo. Two significant landmarks are found in Goniadz.

The Neo-baroque church built at the beginning of the 20th century and Saint Florian's chapel, located close to church. A great panorama of Goniadz can be viewed from the small ledge just in front of the town's cemetery.

During the spring the observation tower m from Goniadz, Wolka Piaseczna direction provides a second excellent view of the town as well as the surrounding wet meadows.

Continuing down the trail to Brzeziny Kapickie. This tree stand complex consists of birches and alders is usually moist all year round. Travelling along the Kapicki Canal, where is possible to observe dam and beaver lodge, the trail passes through a village of the same name.

This settlement has remnant of old wooden structures. The trail passes through Modzelowka — a village with a lot of nests of white stork and stops at Ruda village. The trail could be very difficult or even not available to pass at a few spots during springtime. It depends on the waters level. The trail is very typical for the Biebrza marshes. Trail is not available to pass during early springtime. The next part of the trail goes along the fence of the Polish Horse Breeding Farm.

The trail finishes at trail junction. The route goes through forest area into east direction and reaches the boardwalk with interpretation boards in the heart of pine bog forest on rised bog. Go home Go to the main menu Go to the website contents Go to the website map Go to the search engine Contact Graphic website version. The Biebrza National Park. Search Search engine:.

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Options version without javascript. Main menu. Environment Climate. Fauna List of Birds. Mammals of the Biebrza National Park. Nature Protection Protection of non-forest ecosystems. Water protection. Faunal protection. Tourism Visitor regulations. Tourist infrastructure. Educational Trails. Hiking trails. Bicycle trails. Kayaking trails. Horse trails. Admission tickets selling points.

Accommodation Hotels and Pensions. Campsites and youth hostels. Licensed guides. Tourist Information. Czytaj po polsku. Weather in the Upper Biebrza Valley fri 5.

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Biebrza National Park

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Biebrzański Park Narodowy - w trosce o bagna

We do our best, but some information may be not updated yet. This can be obtained in the Tourist Information in Osowiec-Twierdza or other sale points. Every angler have to know and follow the rules, which regulate amateur fishing in the waters of Biebrza National Park. The most important are:.





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